Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our little peanut, the fighter!

Today is going to be a tough day. Mallory started fighting for her life even before she was born and today she is up against a lot. She had to stop eating around 5:00 this morning and will not be able to eat anything until her surgery at 1. Ryan and I were thankfully able to get some sleep, It didn't come easy but after these past few days we are burnt out, our mind and bodies have taken a huge hit and thankfully we both got around 5 hours of sleep.

There is no way we imagined this is the road that we would be on. We love our baby girl with all of our heart. I can remember the day she was born and my heart just growing that much bigger. Those round cheeks, that sweet cry, and her little tuft of hair. We've had her home with us for almost 9 weeks and I wish I could take her place, that I could take her pain, that I could go through this and not her. We don't remember life without her, she is a part of our family, and she is stuck with us.

Dear Mallory,
We are not sure why or how you got this sick. We wish that they could trade places with you, no child should ever have to go through this. You are what is keeping this family together, you are the glue that is helping us stick. We love you with all of our hearts baby girl, we are so very blessed to have such a beautiful STRONG daughter in our lives. Your sister Jillian just adores you too, you are the only one that gets kisses from her, she has just gobbled you right up since we brought you home. This road is going to be a tough one little girl but you are a fighter. We need more time with you, we need to see those beautiful smiles, hear those most amazing giggles and see you grow into a little person. We will be with you through every step of this process. Little Girl you are up against a lot today but just remember you are a fighter! There are people around the world praying for you today Mallory, just know that each and everyone of them even if they haven't met you love you too and they are rooting for you baby!
Love Always and Forever



  1. Stay strong Princess Mallory, I will be asleep when your surgery begins but I will be dreaming of you bouncing on rainbows with clowns. The surgery will be succesful and you will pull through and make a speedy recovery...
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time, Stay positive guys, hugs and kisses to you all.. xxx

  2. I don't actually know you, but you have commented on my page for months (My Little Pixies), and I found your link through another friend. I wanted you to know that I am praying for your baby girl today especially, and for you and your husband and family.
    Elizabeth Irving

  3. We know a friend of yours and have spread the word to our prayer warriors. My family has been through the the childhood cancer battle. We will storm the heavens with prayers and follow your journey.

  4. I just heard about the journey you have begun. Your entire family will be in my prayers! I have the privilege of being a mom of a child with cancer. All of your feelings are normal and cancer does suck! When you feel you can't go on and you can't pray--rest assured--we will be praying you through! I don't know how we could have gotten through everything without the prayers and support of family and friends!