Monday, November 26, 2012

Scan Week

Hello Scan Week, once again we meet.

It seems like I am less and less worried about these, the tests themselves. Not the results, those I quiet frankly will be a wreck about until we are finally finished with them all together.

Scan Week Goes like this:
Monday : SSKI Drops x3 a day. Which Equals One Squirmy Wormy little 1 year old because they taste ICKY.

Tuesday: More Yucky SSKI drops 3x a day.
Liver Ultrasound, please take the nearest one year old and hold them down for 30-45 minutes, it's really easy I swear. (Ohh and Starve them of their Morning bottle, always good times)
Then head up to clinic where they will put in our sweet peanuts IV for her MIBG injection. Only to have the IV take more time than the injection itself. We even get to go into a room with a radioactive sign on the door, pretty fantastic.
Then take little girl's IV out and go about the rest of our day changing diapers with gloves on (gotta protect my little eggs in case we ever want baby #3)

Wednesday: SSKI drops 3x a day

Pray and Pray some more that Miss Mallory sleeps in so that we can escape the hungry giant of a kid, who not only gets to miss her morning bottle but gets to skip lunch as well. Then we head to clinic where the administer ANOTHER iv in her poor sweet hand.

Then its off to sedation where I hope we get the fabulous doctor that we had last time (which all of them have been really great) but the last time they let us hold her while the administered her lovely propofol (that amazing white milky stuff they inject you with to give you an amazing nap) and she goes into a deep sleep for around 45 to an hour while they scan her little body. Which usually equals no nap for the rest of the day but usually she's back to normal before we know it, being cute sweet miss mallory.

Thursday : SSKI drops 3x a day
This is where we WAIT, and WAIT, and WAIT for the doctor to call us with the results. Usually they don't so by 4:30 I'm on the phone like a hysterical mess crying my eyes out begging for some answers. And Praying all day that it comes back with NO MIBG take up, meaning they're are no changes in her tumor size, that everything is just how it should be. She had the LOWEST numbers we have seen yet, so with many good prayers going in, I am praying that this means we will have a normal Holiday season this year.

Friday: SSKI drops 3x a day.
With hopefully nothing to worry about but what we're going to eat for breakfast.