Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Little Fighter!

Our Little Fighter!

These were taken before surgery. Mallory was cute as can be, she was without food for 8 hours before surgery and was still feeling pretty happy. She just is incredible, for having to go that long she still rolled around, grabbed her toes and smiled! I argued with the nurse about putting on the pre-surgery outfit on Mallory because Mallory LOVES her broviac, she tries to tug on it, eat it, and they wanted me to put her in a no back outfit while we waited 2 hours for the OR. Ummm no, so she went in wearing her Daddy's Princess shirt instead (YEP Momma Bear Won that one!) My Mom is amazing, she has been there for us through EVERYTHING! She knew how much we were struggling when we got the CT results back so she came and helped us past the time while we waited.

These are after surgery, she did AMAZING! There was very little spillage from the tumor (which happens in biopsy's) but we found out her liver has many cancerous lesions on it. Which is very common in Neuroblastoma. They also replaced her broviac and put it on the other side of her chest because it hasn't been drawing the greatest for labs and since she will be receiving more chemotherapy than originally planned they figured they might as well get it done now while they already had her under.

She slept so much for the next 24 hours due to them keeping her up on morphine, so she was comfortable. It was hard seeing her go through another surgery, especially since she was much more vocal this time. You could hear her whither in pain whenever we would move her. 

But 2 days Later she couldn't STOP smiling, she even started giggling TONS! So Proud of my punky! She received her 4th blood transfusion and we skipped on home. So now we wait this week to hear back on results, it'll be a tough week but we are going to do whatever it takes to enjoy it before we get back in Cancer mode.