Monday, March 12, 2012


Mally spiked a fever, so we ended up at clinic at 8am. That led to blood cultures, CBC, and antibiotics. Poor girl was super dehydrated on top of her counts "sucking" as the doctor said.

She's had blood pooling in her nose (I had figured her platelets were low), her count was 20,000 normally its 200,000+.

Her white count is 50! (NOT GOOD!) She has 0 ANC too.

She had her first platelet transfusion. We had a good 5 days at home while we were there. Hopefully she will bounce back quickly but that's not looking likely with those numbers.

We are also canceling the wedding, a decision I have thought long and hard about but its honestly causing too much stress. We just need to take care of our girls and focus all of our energy on them right now. I just feel this is very important to remain emotionally stable and strong. We will not be doing a courthouse wedding because it is very important to both of us to have a religious meaningful ceremony, I am also sure that I want us to write our own vows as well.

So whatever, just another bump. We just need our daughter to be healthy so she can fully enjoy our wedding as Well. We are a family with lots of love regardless of a wedding or not. Ryan is my best friend, an amazing father so we are already in it for the long run so cancer you can $#%& off.