Thursday, April 12, 2012


Baby Center has raised us 2,400$ for the test! WAY TO GO GIRLS! I sound like a broken record but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

We leave for chemo in 20 minutes, these days are incredibly long because you have to sit in clinic, get her blood drawn wait for results, they run fluids, see the doctor for a full physical, then they start the process of getting her a room. I got lucky the last time we had Chemo and my sister sat with me (It really is a boring day) but today I have the hunger games to keep me busy I suppose. Plus some extra Mally snuggles are always welcomed.

You can totally see her 2 teeth when she smiles now. I've got my camera ready for LOTS of pictures for her last round. Hoping we can get a picture of Kady and Mally together. Sending my Mom for cupcakes to celebrate Kady and Mal's last round of chemo! SO PROUD OF OUR GIRLS! Kicking Neuroblastoma's ass together!

I start counsling next week Thursday. Looking forward to curbing some of this anxiety and laying out all of the big issues I'm having. Denial is setting in, I just want to go home. I want life to be "normal" again. My girls need to go home, they need to sleep in there own beds, I had a hard time packing for chemo since I'm totally out of my element. ARRRGGGGGGGGGG, I am just feeling so f$^%ing lost right now.