Friday, March 30, 2012

Pictures, Pictures & More Pictures

Chemo Round #4

Sissy - "JUMP A JUMP"


Mallory decided my shirt would be the perfect place to vomit all over so Mommy got to wear an awesome scrub top till we got admitted!

Round 5 complete! :-) There were a lot of smiles, less puking, and a lot of fun!
We recieved good news that the cancer IS SHRINKING! It made this round more tolerable and less stressful!

My girls <3 each other hahahaha!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

23 days.

That's how many days we've spent in the hospital this month, a day off here and there. All I wanted was for this day to get here so we could go home and Mal's numbers tanked already. So hello blood transfusion #8. Hello 4 o'clock discharge.

Should be greatful that we're going home today but I'm doing it grudgingly and mumbling swear words under my breath at stupid cancer once again for foiling my plans for the day.

I lost my cell phone once again (I've never mentioned how much I rock at doing that.)

My moms at my house cleaning, soon momma soon we will be through this and I can go back to doing laundry, dishes and possibly even a little landscaping. I can't guarantee I wont mutter some swear words through those chores though but ill be happy to do them because it means my life will be a little less crazy if I have time to even think about a dish to clean.

Anyhow well ok I am done with my whining for the morning, April's just going to be a better month for us.

*sticks out tongue at Neuroblastoma, effff yewwww*

Monday, March 26, 2012


Cancer, ugggh cancer.

The day Mallory was diagnosed I began to slowly write her funeral. What songs, what flowers, her tiny casket, how we would take the letters off her wall and wipe away the sweet nursery we made for her.

I have played this image over and over and over again.

When people would tell me to stay positive, to pray, to have a little faith the only thing I could think was 1 in 5 kids die when they are diagnosed with Cancer. Its the ugly ugly statistic.

I am feeling very blessed that Mal's CT came back amazing, that hopefully she'll be done soon. We still have years of scans, urine checks and blood draws after this. She has a 15% chance of relapse, there is "no evidence of disease" for her since they are leaving a tumor in her, once the chemo is done we're not still.

I have met SOOO many amazing families. All I can say is that there not done so neither are we. So we will continue to fight not only for neuroblastoma, but for luekemia, sarcomas, and all other childhood cancers.

Kaydance, Blair, Lola, Benjamin, Alyssa, Oliver, Asia, Gwen, Ike, Taryn, Issac, Aidan, Adam, Willem, Alayna, Gabby and many many more.

I will be one of those annoying people that never stops advocating for a cause. Even after Mallory is done with floor 9 and 10 there are many kids that are starting there fight and who have years and years of treatment left.

I am Sweet Baby Mallory's mom, the purple power ranger, the social butterfly, a good wife, a GREAT mother, a childhood cancer advocate, and just your average person. I've found a little light and I'm going to let it burn bright.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 6 Month Birthday Malibu

6 months ago we help this perfect sweet baby girl in our arms for the first time. 2 months later our lives were shattered, and for 4 months Mallory has fought like HELL. We have had some pretty tough days and we still will in the next coming months but this little girl was worth everyone of those.


Mal has had:

2 open abdominal surgeries
3 broviac placements
4 rounds of chemo (about to start her 5th)
6 different chemo drugs
5 emergency room trips
29 dressing changes
1 bone marrow biopsy
3 CT scans
1 MIBG scan
7 blood transfusions
2 platelet transfusions
She lost all of her hair
She has been on 5-8 medications daily for 4 months now
She has had her blood drawn over 20 different times.
She has had numerous IV'S
She's had her blood pressure, pulse, and tempature every 4 hours or more when we're in the hospital.
We have spent 2 months in the hospital over the last 4 months.

But above all, through all of this, she SMILED every single day she endured all of this.

I know we still have to fight to get her into remission, but she is a teeny tiny little FIGHTER and I know she can do it. I am praying everyday that we continue in the right direction that she will live to be 100 someday.  But for now we CELEBRATE 6 months, 6 months of having one of the bravest, most incredible kids I know.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

The sun is shining today!

The Bad News First

Mallory has to have surgery today to replace her broviac once again. When we left the hospital on Tuesday I had noticed a smudge of blood on her onesie and today the same thing. The NEW line was leaking as well, uggghhh. So at three she will have another surgery, at least its under sedation and a generally easy procedure. More antibiotics and we delay chemo a day.

The GOOD NEWS (or actually the GREAT NEWS)

We were able to discuss Mal's CT results with Dr. Axtell today. Mallory response to these past 2 chemo rounds were INCREDIBLE! Along with amazing catacholomine numbers.

Her numbers are within the normal range and the tumor has shrunk a significant amount, so well that he is only anticipating she will have to do 2 more rounds (so this one and the next one in 3 weeks). That's 6 WEEKS LEFT!

We are over the moon with these results and the SUN IS SHINING BRIGHT AS BRIGHT AS IT CAN BE!

If everything stays on course we will be looking at another MIBG, CT, and ultrasound of the liver after these 2 rounds with Lord Willing the best possible results.

Having our daughter kick cancers butt, see results (better than we thought!), and to know all that she has endured and suffered through is working just makes us fall down on our knees and PRAISE THE LORD! We will continue to pray every day for healing, to give us strength and guidance and to put our loves in God's hands, he is the only one that knows the plans for our family.

So we ask everyone to pray, send positive energy and cheer our little girl on for the rest of this fight. Its been a long 4 months but our baby has been worth EVERY SINGLE tear, breakdown, argument, smile, laugh and snuggle.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodbye Hair

I have been contemplating cutting my hair off for a LONG time now, I was waiting for our wedding and was going to do it right after that (but with postponing it it will give me another year to grow it out anyways!) but finally TODAY I decided that I am GOING TO DO IT! So Goodbye Hair, Hello New short Easier Hair!

My hair is long enough to donate it to Locks of Love as well! So to be able to help out a kid with Cancer is an even bigger reason for me. Although Mallory would not benefit from a wig, I have met MANY MANY kids that would. So It feels GREAT!

Plus it will be easier in the hospital to have short hair, quicker to wash, dry, and have it look good for once. Not to mention it'll bring down the price of shampoo for me! :-p

Mallory's CT was AMAZING! The tumor has shrunk 1/4 of the original size, and her chatacolohmines (sp? seriously some of the medical terms are SO hard to spell correctly!) are NORMAL, Beyond AMAZING news. We get admitted for Chemo tomorrow and will actually be able to discuss everything with Dr. Axtell then, but for today we are going to enjoy some more sunshine and possibly some ice cream to celebrate.

Ohhh yeah and on Friday we will be celebrating Mallory's 1/2 BIRTHDAY! WOW My little chickadee is going to be 6 months old! What a ROCK STAR!!! :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We were discharged this morning without talking to a doctor, he came in saw we were sleeping and didn't bother to wake me up. Yesterday I was in the shower and he never came back.

I was hoping that instead of leaving we could start chemo early but of course no answers on that because all we did was talk to the discharge coordinator instead of our primary doctor. She said because her line broke we needed to wait which is BS since they ran fluids for 2 days straight, then she said she talked to Axtell our primary and they had to come up with a chemo game plan.  Which i also think is bs and why couldnt i directly talk to him instead of secondary crap. They better not switch her chemo if its working, I'm also going to question why we are not looking into a stem cell transplant (its never been discussed before). I want the best of the best for her and what to know all of our options. If it will increase her rate of survival then why not.

Arrrggg ohhh well sitting and enjoying the sunshine for now I suppose.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Good news


We may even start chemo early!


Broviac works! Wooohooooo!

And CT was bumped up to today! Please pray for MALLORY!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Revolving Door

Two days home; I think that's a new record. We're back in the hospital for yet another unscheduled visit.

This morning I hear Ashley shout out "Ryyyyaaaaaannnn! Mallory's broviac is leaking!"

Ugh. The Broviac tube is the tiny silicone tubing that goes into Mallory's chest, and taps into her aorta. It is used to supply drugs, and to draw blood back out. It has two safety mechanisms to avoid leaks or contamination: a mechanical clamp that pinches the line shut, and a spring-loaded valve cap on the end of the line. Those safety mechanisms are are fine and dandy, unless the line breaks further up the line.

Ashley was performing the morning drug ritual on Mallory, and one of those steps includes connecting a syringe to each of the end caps of Mallory's broviac tube, and pushing in "VCH" (Vanco/Cipro/Heparin, for those of you who are keeping track... two antibiotics and an anti-clotting agent).

This morning when Ashley started pushing in the VCH, she said the tube started spraying everywhere; it had sprung a leak.

We both instantly sprang into action, knowing exactly what to do without even having to discuss it. Ashley got on the phone and called the hospital, I started examining the tube to stop the leakage before we could get to the hospital. I folded the line over above the split, and crimped it off using a zip-tie out of my garage. Ashley jumped in the shower, and I got Mallory ready to go.  Off they went, and I made arrangements for Jillian. I had to meet up with Ashley and Mallory later at the hospital.

The hospital is highly vigilant of a bacterial infection for Mallory. This is why when Mallory runs a fever we end up spending 4-6 days in the hospital. Same with a broken line; they are so careful to avoid an infection that they immediately start dosing her with antibiotics when she walks in... just in case. They draw blood and have the lab culture the blood over a period of days to see if any bacteria will grow. If bacteria grows on the cultures, they know she had a bacterial infection, and they keep dosing her accordingly.

After commenting on my zip-tie ingenuity (*pats self on back*), the doctor cut the line clean off and spliced in a   temporary patch. Now we have to wait 24 hours before they can test the patch to see if it left us with a viable broviac line or not.  If it is not viable, Mallory will be going in for surgery #3 to remove and replace her broviac line.

The girls are sleeping soundly now. Good night, all!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

In a perfect world

everyone would have love :-)

I am feeling incredibly blessed tonight.

For one my punky is HOME again! Her numbers SHOT up over night and she has been surrounded by so much love from people near and far through this whole journey. 

Our CT is on Wednesday we will have the results by next week Thursday, I am on my hands and knee's praying for some good news, even if its just a little, I just need to know that we are going in the right direct.

Dear Lord, I am giving you my burdens, my daughter's health, and every plan you have for our family and laying them at your feet. Let it be your will to work miracles in our lives, to give us strength and healing.

I believe my mental breakdown had to happen, it had to. Not only to analyze our lives, but our situation, our relationship. It taught me most importantly take the help I am offered. I am a stubborn, stubborn person and it's to the point where I NEED people to tell me it's time to step back. Let someone else take a turn, have faith in others when I have no faith left, when I have nothing left to give, that it's ok. It's ok to ask for help, it's ok to be weak, it's ok to walk away for a little bit.

My daughters will benefit from a more stable mother, and so will my family and Ryan. I know all 3 of them will understand why Mommy takes a break, why Mommy needs time for herself.

I have decided to seek help. Being able to lay the weight of my shoulders on an empty ear sounds like the right move. Tomorrow I am on a search for a good therapist, I will have to make time for this. I was going to wait till after Mallory was better because my life is hectic as it is but this will ONLY make me grow as a person, it will only help me cope, it will only help me heal. To save my relationship with Ryan, Our families and my friends this is the best choice for myself. I am on a low dose antidepressant and recently added an anti-anxiety med to help, so hopefully in combination with both I can become a solid solid wall.

I feel like Ryan and I are 10 steps ahead again, we talked, sorted through the madness and came up with a game plan to make this less stressful on both of us. To make it easier on the girls too! So proud of us, we had a civil conversation with no fighting, no screaming, and no bickering. Just honest real answers. It was PERFECT, just what we needed! The number one thing we are going to work on in our home and with our children is first and foremost Encouragement and Praise. I don't think we do enough of this but I want my girls to know when they are doing a really great job, I want to hear when I am doing a great job, and I want Ryan to know he's doing a great job! We have decided that there is a "pause" button (How I met your Mother idea) for when we need to have a "Parent Time OUT" so we can sit for 5 minutes, gather ourselves, and become more rational, realistic people. There were many many things discussed but this are some of the BIG issues (that might not seem bit to some people but to us they are HUGE!) Our hospital stays will be divided up as well, we will come up with a game plan for each week and go from there. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Safe And Sound

Dear Sweet Mallory,

We are all fighting with you girl. We held you in our arms almost 6 months ago and we knew you were the missing peice to our family. You are something special little one. Someday we are all going to look back on this and just recall bits and peices of this craziness. Dear Little Girl you have to fight, and FIGHT HARD so that we can see that bright smiling face every single day. S o that we can comfort you when you cry, kiss your booboo's when you fall, and have you to cuddle up to everyday for the rest of our lives. So baby please know that we love you, If I could change places with you know that i would in a heartbeat, You have done nothing but smile and troop along through everything and I just want to tell you that WE love you so much and we are SO SO PROUD of you!

- Mom & Dad

Dear Jillpie,

You have been the light of our lives since you were born. You have taught us so much more than we could have ever anticipated. Having you in our lives makes in complete. You are incredibly brilliant 2 year old with a heart of gold. I wish I could spend every day with you, holding you, laughing with you, and singing our "ABC'S" all day long. You make this easier on us because of your strong strong independance. We love you so much and enjoy every single moment we have with you. You just amaze us everyday. We are PROUD of you too! You were thrown into a completely different world since sissy has been sick but someday sweety it will get better.

-Mom & Dad

Dear Ryan,

I am not sure how to communicate the love I have for you. It is unconditional. I am sorry that things are not going the way either of us planned for but you have stood by thick and thin. I believe you have different coping mechanisims than I do but I need you to share too. I need to know how you feel and what you feel too. I will never let this go, I am in it for the long run, we will FIGHT not only for our little girls but for ourselves as well. Because once you stop fighting you get defeated and theres no turning back. We have a brilliant 2 year old and an amazingly stubborn 5.5 month old who is so sick, sicker than we have neglected to accept. She needs us, so does Jillian, and so do I, I need you too. I love you, I am not turning my back on you, I am not giving up, I will never give up what we have, it's too special. People envy our love, so no I refuse to throw it away because of this. I love you big lug, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Grow old, grow tired, and grow deeper in love.


I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, I'll never let you go
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Don't you dare look out your window darling
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold onto this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Just close your eyes
You'll be alright
Come morning light,
You and I'll be safe and sound

I fall down on my knees

I am no longer able to care for my child because I have neglected to care for myself.

I have spent so many nights awake with her, even when she is sleeping I can't take my eyes off of her. I just don't want to miss one moment and that has caused me to have a full mental breakdown. I am not deserting her, I never will but I have spent the last 4 months caring for her every need, waking up with her, giving her shots, medications, comforting her when she is miserable. Now it's to the point where I know that I need someone to help me out (most likely counsling).

You haven't walked in my shoes most likely, and even the people that surrond me haven't. They support me, give me encouragment but I am bogged down.

I finally hit that BIG mental breakdown. The one where the next person that says one snide comment to me is going to get it, I WILL lay into you.

Can you honestly think that we should even begin our marriage as bitter and angry? No, I want to walk into marriage as a whole unit, not a resentful miserable person. This is one of the big reasons why I am canceling it. Ryan and I are not getting along, we haven't for a few months now. I open and honest about this because I REFUSE to sweeten up the facts. No amount of date nights can fix our situation right now. I will Marry him someday because I love him, he has stuck by us and supports us. We will in time mend what has been taken from us because of Cancer. I know I am too hard on him, I yell too much, I lose my cool too often, but I feel like I have spent so much time doing this alone. This may or may not be the truth but I have been handed over a lot and I am resentful because he gets to go to work, he gets to live a normal like part of the time, he can go in the basement and play video games, he has an escape, I don't. Here I am stuck in a hospital room or with a crying baby on me all day long at home. I am sure he wishes the tables were turned and he could spend more time with Mallory. I know he is doing a good job, he is a GREAT dad, he is still my best friend, I still love him so much. I am sure with some time we will get back to the world that we used to have.

I had pictured my life so much differently.

I am tired, flat out tired, I am doing my best, but best isn't good enough. I have to get better, I have had a hard time handing over my child for someone else to care for because I am her Mom, and I should know best and right now there is no "normal", there is nothing I can do to comfort her outside of morphine and benadryl.

So please your negativity isn't welcome. My child has cancer and she has been my main focus for months and If you see me as weak for walking away for a little bit then to hell with you too.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Mally spiked a fever, so we ended up at clinic at 8am. That led to blood cultures, CBC, and antibiotics. Poor girl was super dehydrated on top of her counts "sucking" as the doctor said.

She's had blood pooling in her nose (I had figured her platelets were low), her count was 20,000 normally its 200,000+.

Her white count is 50! (NOT GOOD!) She has 0 ANC too.

She had her first platelet transfusion. We had a good 5 days at home while we were there. Hopefully she will bounce back quickly but that's not looking likely with those numbers.

We are also canceling the wedding, a decision I have thought long and hard about but its honestly causing too much stress. We just need to take care of our girls and focus all of our energy on them right now. I just feel this is very important to remain emotionally stable and strong. We will not be doing a courthouse wedding because it is very important to both of us to have a religious meaningful ceremony, I am also sure that I want us to write our own vows as well.

So whatever, just another bump. We just need our daughter to be healthy so she can fully enjoy our wedding as Well. We are a family with lots of love regardless of a wedding or not. Ryan is my best friend, an amazing father so we are already in it for the long run so cancer you can $#%& off.

Friday, March 9, 2012

My favorite part of the day


We've almost made it! (It's 1 pm and Jillian usually goes to bed around 1-2ish, the zoning out has started so I know we're getting there!)

Mallory has her CT scheduled for March 21st and Chemo starting again on March 22nd. We should have the results back by clinic on the 22nd. I just pray that we get some good results. This chemo is super hard on her and she struggles everyday with feeling good. I am dreaming of the day she is NED (No evidence of Disease).

I am struggling with the "what if's" again. I know whatever happens, happens. But I can't even begin to imagine, nor do I want to go through life without her. I don't want to take the letter's off her wall, or pack away any of her stuff, I just could NOT do it. So I am hoping and praying we get more good news with this CT, that it shows this cancer is finally responding to treatment, she has been through more in her tiny life than any person should ever have to go through. I pray for her everyday, that she just will continue to thrive through this and grow up to be a naughty 2 year old just like her sister.

We will hopefully be home for Easter, this is another holiday that will be spent on house arrest. I am going to make it SUPER special, we are going to make cupcakes, hot subs, an egg hunt, and just vedge at home. I have to go shopping for the girls so they have an Easter "outfit"
as well. We are going to spend the day celebrating Jesus and all the things in life that we have to be thankful for because of his sacrifices. Even though we will not be going to church, or spending it with our relatives, it will be a great day. A day we get to rejoice and spend together and to praise God.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We made it home today!

There is nothing like walking into your house and smelling freshly baked cupcakes (Ok so I totally cheat and have my Scentsy going! Not actual cupcakes lol!).

We made it home, Mallory is doing well. I would have opted to stay another night because she is still pretty cranky. But I talked to the physicians assistant this morning and he ok'd some at home Benadryl. We also discussed that she should be eating around 20 ounces of formula a day and that if she wasn't doing good with that to call clinic in the morning and we would push fluids tomorrow. So I am feeling confident in our choice to come home! (Even if we have to drive back for a few fluids tomorrow but so far she has drank 14 ounces so that's ONLY 6 more to go tonight so I think she'll make it!)

Mallory and I took a nap on the couch, she was a little cranky but nothing a little extra sleep didn't help. So we snuggled up, I smell like baby spit up from her drooling over me. Pretty sure my chick-a-dee is teething.

Ryan took Jillian for a "Daddy Daughter Date" and he refused to divulge where and what they did. It was strictly confidential between them, hahahaha! Seriously LOVE that guy! and HOW FUN for Jillian to get out with her Daddy. Feeling super blessed to have such an AMAZING guy in our lives!

I had a LOT of panic about our wedding this weekend. Mallory's chemo if it stays on track will be the weekend of our Wedding (July 7th). But talked to the Doctors and they are pretty sure we can work around it because she will have been in treatment for so long. So hopefully it all pan's out, plus she won't be super neutropenic (her body will have recovered by then) from chemo still so it should work out better this way. So thankful they can work with us! I can't wait for July 7th, I have had no time to plan, no time to make ANYTHING for the wedding, but ohh well If it's just me in my fancy smancy dress and ryan all dressed up along with the girls then so be it. It will be PERFECT! :-)

We also got a nice big envelope in the mail today with insurance statements from last year and this year, a nice 40 pages worth of statements I would guess. We already hit our entire deductible and capped out the out of pocket expense already this year but luckily Mal's 2nd insurance covered most of that. I need to get her a shirt that says "Million Dollar Baby".

We also received a box of goodies from an AMAZING family in texas. Mallory got TONS of organic baby food, HOW AWESOME! And in little pouches with spoons that at attach, I've never seen anything as cool as those. We will be treating her to some yummy organic baby food ASAP! Plus Mallory got a BEAUTIFUL silk baby blanket today. Big Sister Jillian got a few doll's that I am sure she will snuggle up with tonight. And a few gift cards. I am just so touched by these warm gestures from everyone, our family cannot thank you enough for making the transition to so much time away from home that much easier. I am just amazed and speechless. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

I am going out with 2 of my favorite ladies tonight! Woot Woot for Girl's Night :-) This Mom needs a break and little wine to get back in the swing of things at home.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I see hope in a little girl

This chemo started off GREAT! Mallory has been a trooper minus some more throwing up than usual but I can't complain to bad for all that she has to endure she just keeps on shining through.

As of today there were a few complications, her hemoglobin hit 7.3 the lowest it has ever been. She developed Tachycardia (an irregular heartbeat) because of the hemoglobin being this low. She had a blood transfusion today hoping that will straighten that out. This is her 6th one since she was diagnosed and the largest amount she has ever received.

She has been extremely restless, she just cannot calm down. She just moves, and her lip quivers and her smile just is barely there. She was finally able to get a little bit of rest early this afternoon and a nice walk around the circle.

We had 2 young children (1 for 2 nights and the other for 1) in the room next to us that you could hear straight through the wall making it very difficult to sleep for 3 nights straight and then last night Mallory could not calm down so needless to say this Mom is EXHAUSTED!

Mallory is just not herself, her blood counts are already super low and we still have chemo tonight. :-( Poor Sweet Pudding.

I have met SOOOO many amazing wonderful incredible people this week. What a blessing to have such hopeful, inspiring people to look to for support and guidance. I pray for their little children too as we are all on this road together. So we love you ALL SO MUCH! You have touched our hearts in every way possible.

My parents are just SPECTACULAR, they went and got Jillian a new twin bed for there house (THANKS NANCY!) and new bedding that she just LOVES. How special is that her own big girl bed for when she stays the night! "Tinkle tinkle lil staaa, how wonner what are? Up abooo ta world so sky. Tinkle tinkle lil staaa" - Jillian is sooooo sweet. She started singing to us ALL the time. She also prays with us now and we say "God Bless Mommy, Daddy, Mallory, Jillian" and She always chimes in "Nana, Nana, Nana, AMEN". This brings a huge smile to my face.

Catecholamines (I spelled this HORRIBLY wrong on the last blog!) are excreted through the urine. They tell us her adrenal hormones that are typically high in neuroblastoma, we want these numbers as low as possible. When she was first diagnosed they were in the high 200's, came down to 140 after the first tumor was removed and back up to 170 and now with just 1 round of chemo they are at around 60. They are divided into 2 number VMA and HVA and both numbers have dropped significantly. This is a good indication that the chemo is doing it's job although nothing will tell us more than her next CT we can only continue to pray that this is the right course of treatment she is on. Although it makes her very ill we know we are doing everything that we possibly can so that our daughter can continue to live her life, so that she may have many days on this earth. I leave this weight on God's shoulders to get us through this no matter the outcome but pray each and everyday for healing, for strength and guidance.
I updated Take them a Meal
If you have to search use "Wiersma" as the last name and the password is "love".
We are looking for people that can bring hot foods up to the hospital and lots and lots diet cokes lol.

We are not just asking for you to bring me food and leave but I sit there majority of the day doing nothing but rocking mally, sleeping, it gets pretty boring. So some company would be great as well.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cycle 2

So far so good. Mal is doing great!

We got great news catacholomines are 60! They were in the high 200's when she was first diagnosed. So it will be interesting to see what her CT shows. Ill make Ry write a blog with all the technical information later today to better explain, I'm on my nook so it would take a day and a half to write plus a lot of cuss words so we will just designate the task to him.