Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Positively positive

Mallory's c-dif test came back negative woohoo!
Her ANC is 23 (needs to be 200 to go home) but its above 0 finally!
Mal is eating like a rock star!
I got to leave for a few hours and spend time with Jillian and have a nice quiet dinner with Ryan.
We're back at the hospital and I've got a more level head, I just needed some time away.

The little boy that has been waiting on a liver is receiving it RIGHT NOW! please say some prayers and to the family that lost there child and have the strength to save this boys life. And prayers that the surgery is a success! This little Guy has been inpatient everytime we have and has touched our lives.

This being said everyone that has fought, survived, passed away is part of this oncology family. We are here to support, not judge, and to have an understanding for each others situations. No 2 cancers are alike, each patient is an individual, has there own story, has there own battle and we only should uplift and.encourage them.

This extends to everyone as well. Someone will always have it worse, have it harder than you, but you are still entitled to your own story. Life is not a competition. We do not tell our story so that you will think we have it worse than you. To be completely honest we tell our story to bring awareness, share our hope, and spread our love.

We will share our ups and downs but not so you feel sorry for us but so we can be Mallory's voice. So in 10 years we can show our daughter what she overcame, what she fought, and how it made her the person she is.

We have a lot of faith she's gonna pull through this. But we have a long tough road until we are even close to any finish line.