Monday, March 26, 2012


Cancer, ugggh cancer.

The day Mallory was diagnosed I began to slowly write her funeral. What songs, what flowers, her tiny casket, how we would take the letters off her wall and wipe away the sweet nursery we made for her.

I have played this image over and over and over again.

When people would tell me to stay positive, to pray, to have a little faith the only thing I could think was 1 in 5 kids die when they are diagnosed with Cancer. Its the ugly ugly statistic.

I am feeling very blessed that Mal's CT came back amazing, that hopefully she'll be done soon. We still have years of scans, urine checks and blood draws after this. She has a 15% chance of relapse, there is "no evidence of disease" for her since they are leaving a tumor in her, once the chemo is done we're not still.

I have met SOOO many amazing families. All I can say is that there not done so neither are we. So we will continue to fight not only for neuroblastoma, but for luekemia, sarcomas, and all other childhood cancers.

Kaydance, Blair, Lola, Benjamin, Alyssa, Oliver, Asia, Gwen, Ike, Taryn, Issac, Aidan, Adam, Willem, Alayna, Gabby and many many more.

I will be one of those annoying people that never stops advocating for a cause. Even after Mallory is done with floor 9 and 10 there are many kids that are starting there fight and who have years and years of treatment left.

I am Sweet Baby Mallory's mom, the purple power ranger, the social butterfly, a good wife, a GREAT mother, a childhood cancer advocate, and just your average person. I've found a little light and I'm going to let it burn bright.