Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweet Sweet Babe

Ryan and I talked the other night about all the things our Sweet Sweet Babe has done. It amazes me.

For 1 this little girl put up with having a tube in her chest for 6 months, something that we hated but prevented her from having to be poked countless times. We are amazed looking back on it that she did so well, but this summer we have 100% enjoyed pool time, bath time, and nakey baby crawling around the house.

Something else that amazes us is how sick she really was. To look back on it, it was all we knew, but now we KNOW, we really KNOW our daughter. The struggling to feed her day in and day out, the constant vomiting, I can't tell you how many times I would just break down because of the vomiting. Not knowing if it was chemo induced vomiting or just baby puke but now I KNOW. Since she stopped chemo 3 months ago the sweet peanut hasn't puked once.

A great big milestone is the fact that she is off the bottle and onto a sippy cup. It took her 8 months to get the hang of just drinking out of a bottle and she gave me no resistance weaning from it either. I had a subconscious dilemma with the whole "bottle weaning" because yes she did just get the hang of it, but 2 I also wanted to skip trying to wean her and quiet frankly I'm just sick of washing bottles. So with that started a 1 day only cup and it lead to many many more days of just cups. She's a champ, she really is.

She is also crawling, and not her cute little inch worm crawling she's done for the last 2 months, but full out full speed crawling! No delay there!

We thought that chemo would have a huge effect on the milestones but she's proved us wrong.

We had her vision checked a month ago, that came back AMAZING! Our dear sweet Jillian had a lazy eye and she is pretty nearsighted (she will have to have glasses again eventually), so it was something that we had to make sure Mal didn't have either. But she's got perfect eyes, we're not quiet sure we're she got those from but we'll TAKE IT!

The girls had the great waffle war this morning, their very 1st big fight. I should have known that I should have made something else for breakfast because I only had 1. Mal was not happy with her toast. This fight is a blessing, she was diagnosed almost 9 months ago, and they had a hard time adjusting to each other. When Mal stopped chemo and we were home more it was a big adjustment for all of us. It still kind of is, I still am uneasy bringing them anywhere (I did today though! GO ME!), I still haven't found my routine back. The girls have blossomed, they love each other, and everyday they remind us of this. Wether it's a big "WUV OOOO SIS" or a "WAKEY WAKE MAUI", we know. It melts my heart to see that they're finally able to bond. What an incredible thing to witness, and yes I know I have years of drama ahead of me but for know I am going to gobble up their cuteness and enjoy it as much as I can.

My sweet baby Mallory will be 1 next month, NEXT MONTH! It is a reminder to us that we are so very blessed, that God has given us an amazing little girl, she is a fighter, she is strong, but she is also dainty, sweet and amazing.

And when we say "Sweet" baby Mallory we mean it 100%, she is the sweetest, kindest, most laid back baby on the planet. Sweet is definitely fitting for her.