Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cycle 1, Day 1

We were informed Mallory is no longer considered a stage 2b patient but a stage 4 now. This is not what we had wanted but we assumed she would be now. They told us that they had a hard time staging her to begin with but with the spread to the liver this automatically bumped her up the scale. We just pray this heavy duty chemo works for our tiny bug.

So far so good, Mallory didn't have any bad reactions. She fell asleep during the cytoxan.

She is hooked up to the oxygen censor, a blood pressure cuff, EKG leads, and fluids running 24/7. So needless to say it's really hard to move around with her, it's hard to change her diaper, and there are LOTS of cords for her to grab onto. We also get to wear gloves every time we change her diaper.

We had a REALLY great nurse last night, we have to change Mallory's diaper EVERY 2 hours so that the chemo doesn't sit on her skin for long periods of time but she ROCKED and changed almost every diaper for me (there was no way I could wake up every 2 hours on the dot to remember to do it). And with the tons and tons of fluids running through her she goes through diapers like crazy! Her kidney function looks great along with her urine output.

We were told that we should anticipate by the 3rd day for her to start feeling bad. Reduce in appetite, more lethargic, and for her to not be her happy bubbly self. :-(

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for helping us out, we have just had an out pouring of support and we couldn't do it without you all! Thanks for all the emails, the gifts, EVERYTHING, nothing has gone unnoticed, Ryan and I are constantly gushing over your cards. My girlfriend Erika is setting up a calender so that when we are here or at home you can sign up to help us if you'd like.

Jillian is coming up today, so while Ryan's mom gets lots of Mally cuddles we get to run around the hospital with our 2 year old. I am SO excited to spend some time with her finally!