Monday, February 13, 2012


We are night #4 now, I can hear the alarms going off on the infusion as we speak. She gets 30 minutes to the topotecan and 1 hour of the cytoxan so we do Chemo for an hour and a half total, the rest of our day is spent hanging out while she is on a constant heart monitor.

She feels so crummy today, she was eating great this morning but it just has gotten worse as the day progresses. We were informed today that we could not be discharged if she was not eating they would have to supplement with TPN. So still hoping we are out of here on Wednesday but it's not looking likely and she still has tonight and tomorrow left on chemo.

I am surprised I even had time to write this Mallory will NOT let me put her down today. She just really needs me, and these hospital chairs SUCK, my butt hurts from sitting in it all day long.