Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Perfectly Perfect.

We smooched our princess pie last week Friday as she went into sedation to have her broviac removed. What a joyful amazing day it was. Goodbye TUBE! It felt incredible to throw out her heparin. She always does so amazing through any procedure, even with the 12 hours of no food. She's not a big eater still although her thighs tell a different story.

I am ready to get over the baby food hump and start on big kid foods. She's currently working on breaking through her top 2 teeth, she has started crawling and attempts at doing "SOOO BIG"

So many tears have been shed the last few months, it feels good to start moving on finally. I am still dealing with a lot of anxiety about her being in remission but I have found a wonderful therapist that has my best interest in mind and hoping that we can get over this so I can learn better strategies to be the best mom and wifey that I can be.

We should hear tomorrow about her Catacholomine numbers again, praying that they are still normal and we won't see any spikes. Scans again in august, so at least we'll have our summer to not worry about Cancer as much. Not that we'll ever forget the tremendous strides we have gone through, not that we will forget the wonderful friends that we've made, and we won't ever forget the kids that have made such a huge impact and still do on our lives.

Mallory's 1st Big girl BATH! What a GREAT experience, she was a little freaked out at first but perked up and LOVED IT! I am hoping she'll be a water baby just like her big Sis.

Jillian and I have been quiet busy lately perfecting our Cake making skill's, she's pretty awesome at stirring and sitting on the counter helping me out. She say's "I STIR!" and "BIRDAY CAKE" the only problem is I have to hide every cake mix in this house because I'll ask her what she wants for a snack or dinner and she'll pull out a cake. I am a nice mom, but NOT that NICE! lol.

There will be many many bath pictures of the sis's together, ohhhh how I have longed for this moment. So sweet, so amazing, such a great feeling. We love our bath time in this family, it's a big part of the bedtime routine. 1. Bath 2. Brush Teeth 3. Read a Book 4. Say Prayers 5. Turn out the light. Jillian's new favorite book is "The Belly Button Book" by Susan Boyton pretty much she says "Bee-Boo" every time we turn the page and we can't help but giggle. She's a quick learner that's for sure. We've struggled the last month with getting back into a set "routine" at home, this goes for EVERYTHING even simple things including meals. What the heck do people cook when there home all the time? I am used to living off of hospital and fast food and whatever dish people would help us with. I guess now is the time to start begging for recipes. I did make some yummy fajita's tonight but of course forgot sour cream, lettuce, and peppers so it was rice, chicken and tortilla's, still good but it was for sure missing SOMETHING.

Jillian rocking some big girl undies. Totally not there yet with the whole potty training thing, we're working on learning to sit on the potty right now. Big Step for us, and for me, I have been struggling with this whole potty training thing, I swear the girl will be in diapers for the rest of her life with my lack of motivation lately. We will wait till she's ready and just encourage little things here and there to get her used to it.

My beautiful new raspberry colored walls and brightly colored curtains, I can't wait to add some great big giant pictures of the girls on the wall, make a new entertainment center and jazz it up a little bit. Once I am done with this room It's onto the KITCHEN! Which will be tougher than the living room, but totally worth making our house transition into a more "kid fun" grown up space. If that makes any sense. I am just done with the typical "house" decor.

Our wonderful neighboor spolied the girls with some delicious watermelon and cantaloupe the other day and we had ourselves a Watermelon party. Complete with a Nana and a Whisk. Everyone knows that you have to "I STIR" a watermelon before eating it. The girls have been enjoying being outside all the time lately, it's been AMAZING. Now we need it to heat up a little bit so we can have some fun pool time again! Jillian totally rocks at swimming, she jumps right off of the ladder and into the water, she is sooooooooo cute to watch swim.

One of the things I've been looking forward to for a very long long time is "ART" time in our house, and we sure do a lot of it. We color multiple times a day and pull out the paint once or twice a week. Today was an extra special paint day because my little nephew Zach had a sleepover last night and helped us paint. They made me the BEST posters for my hallway walls ever. I am a sucker for art by kids, seriously who doesn't love paint covered in glitter to display on the walls? I also have a really hard time getting rid of any scribbles my sweet peanut Jill does, She is serious about her scribbles. I adore them, they mean so much to me and the added "I COWLOOOO" "PERPUL" help a little bit too.

 These 2 girls mean the world to me.

I don't strive to be the "perfect" mom, the most "perfect" relationship, with the most "perfect" house, and the most "perfect" children (They are perfect to me, but lets face it, my 2 year old likes diet coke and my 8 month old sleeps with a bottle in her mouth), . To hell with that I say, we're just us, and I am perfectly content with just that, it's perfectly perfect to me.