Thursday, March 22, 2012

The sun is shining today!

The Bad News First

Mallory has to have surgery today to replace her broviac once again. When we left the hospital on Tuesday I had noticed a smudge of blood on her onesie and today the same thing. The NEW line was leaking as well, uggghhh. So at three she will have another surgery, at least its under sedation and a generally easy procedure. More antibiotics and we delay chemo a day.

The GOOD NEWS (or actually the GREAT NEWS)

We were able to discuss Mal's CT results with Dr. Axtell today. Mallory response to these past 2 chemo rounds were INCREDIBLE! Along with amazing catacholomine numbers.

Her numbers are within the normal range and the tumor has shrunk a significant amount, so well that he is only anticipating she will have to do 2 more rounds (so this one and the next one in 3 weeks). That's 6 WEEKS LEFT!

We are over the moon with these results and the SUN IS SHINING BRIGHT AS BRIGHT AS IT CAN BE!

If everything stays on course we will be looking at another MIBG, CT, and ultrasound of the liver after these 2 rounds with Lord Willing the best possible results.

Having our daughter kick cancers butt, see results (better than we thought!), and to know all that she has endured and suffered through is working just makes us fall down on our knees and PRAISE THE LORD! We will continue to pray every day for healing, to give us strength and guidance and to put our loves in God's hands, he is the only one that knows the plans for our family.

So we ask everyone to pray, send positive energy and cheer our little girl on for the rest of this fight. Its been a long 4 months but our baby has been worth EVERY SINGLE tear, breakdown, argument, smile, laugh and snuggle.