Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear Mallory,


Dear Sweet Baby Mallory,

Last year at this time we were anxiously awaiting your arrival. Tonight I've been in and out of tears, so thankful that this year is done for you little girl. It was tough, you fought like hell, something no kid should ever have to do.. You mean the world to us. Look at what you've accomplished not only kicking cancers butt but you made an impact on so MANY MANY people and you're only almost 1 (I can't say 1 because it's not "Official" till 4:10 tomorrow!)! You amaze us each and everyday with your spunk, laid back attitude and perseverance. I look at your scars, I look at everything you've done and you are our hero little lady. We are looking forward to this year, to watching you hit every single milestone, to helping you through everything. There are reminders from people that someday you'll be a teenager and I say "BRING IT" because at more than one point this year we didn't know if you'd even hit 1 (but please take your time getting there, we want you to "just be a kid" for as long as possible). We want to be there to watch you succeed, to help you through failures, when you're happy, and when you're sad. When you fall we'll be there to catch you. We don't care as long as we get to keep you forever and ever. You've taught us things that we never knew we'd have to do. Who would have thought I would have been strong enough to keep my head up when you were sitting there snuggling me and you would get so ill, when we would have to give you shots everyday at home, when we would run to the hospital at a moments notice because we wanted the very best for you. We just want the best for you because you deserve it. The love we have for you is in no way able to be expressed because our love is bigger than we even know. The day we met you my heart got bigger, your little tuft of blonde hair, those adorable big chubby cheeks, you had such a sweet charm about you from day 1, and you remind us everyday (That sweet charm is going to be tough to say "no" to). From Day 1, I couldn't imagine my life without you, and I never want to.

And to many many many more.

Love Forever & Always, and to the moon and back.
-Mommy & Daddy.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to have a big enough heart to love not only her, but Jillian and Ryan also. Thank you for showing me even through the bad times that this family is a rock, that no matter what we will continue on with life with a new beautiful perspective, that sometimes you have to fall to learn how to walk. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this beautiful baby girl, a little girl that we love with all of our hearts. Thank You for watching over her and keeping her safe, we pray Lord that this will be the first of many many birthdays for her. We put all our faith in you to carry us through life no matter the obstacle, no matter the mountains we have to climb.