Wednesday, March 28, 2012

23 days.

That's how many days we've spent in the hospital this month, a day off here and there. All I wanted was for this day to get here so we could go home and Mal's numbers tanked already. So hello blood transfusion #8. Hello 4 o'clock discharge.

Should be greatful that we're going home today but I'm doing it grudgingly and mumbling swear words under my breath at stupid cancer once again for foiling my plans for the day.

I lost my cell phone once again (I've never mentioned how much I rock at doing that.)

My moms at my house cleaning, soon momma soon we will be through this and I can go back to doing laundry, dishes and possibly even a little landscaping. I can't guarantee I wont mutter some swear words through those chores though but ill be happy to do them because it means my life will be a little less crazy if I have time to even think about a dish to clean.

Anyhow well ok I am done with my whining for the morning, April's just going to be a better month for us.

*sticks out tongue at Neuroblastoma, effff yewwww*