Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ohhh la la Vintage Little Misses

Our girls do really love each other until you make them sit together, then it's all done for! (Hence the super over dramatic "Sissy Has Cooties" faces).

Mal had clinic today, that girl has had amazing strides in the past 2 months. She started sitting, 2 weeks later crawling, 2 weeks later standing up, and now we have a CRUISER! Soon we'll have a WALKER! I would totally confess that I am not ready, but heck BRING ON THE WALKING! We've got this.

She has scans next week Tuesday & Wednesday. Ultrasound, Urine Check, & MIBG Injection (which the poor pook has to have an IV for) and then on Wednesday the big MIBG/CT scan (which she'll have to have ANOTHER iv in for). It's weird that I'm actually not nervous at all for the sedation process, it's the whole IV part of it, she doesn't sit still, half them times she's had to have them she's been poked more than once, usually around 3 times. So please pray that this goes smoothly for her. Not only waiting on the results but all the poking they have to do. I don't mind blood draws as much as an IV, especially an IV in a baby.

24 days till the wedding, am I nervous, not yet, am I totally ready, almost. It's been a crazy ride this past 7 years but I am super excited for our wedding!