Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kitchen Set and Our Big Helper!

Mallory totally helped us put together the girl's new kitchen set (shhhh, it's there big present for Chrismtas). It's a good thing Mallory doesn't remember much, I've already told her over and over again to NOT tell Sissy what we got, so far she's cooperated pretty well.


1st ER Trip

Went to flush Mallory's broviac this morning and we could NOT get it to go, so off to the ER we went. 2 hours spent at the ER for a 2 minute fix that we could have done at home if they would have just explained to us before they sent us home or in clinic. But we got it fixed thankfully!

The nice thing is because she is an oncology patient we do not wait in the regular waiting room, they get us right to an exam room.

3 more days till we are admitted again for chemo, between now and then we have to make an apt to get Mallory's 1st hair cut (yes we are cutting off the tuft of hair so we can keep it before she looses it all).