Friday, May 4, 2012

A Fun Fun Friday :-)

I am giving you all my love.

These are my girls, they are my life, and I am sure hope life can go back to normal for them soon.

We wish away Mallory's 1st year, not because we don't love our dear daughter but because her life has been pretty unfair. I wish I could take away everything that she's had to endure this year, that it could have been me, that the only thing we'd ever have to worry about is her being a baby.

I don't remember when she rolled over for the first time, when she got her first tooth, when she could push up on her arms because our focus was always on getting her through chemo so to us she never got any bigger, those things were second to cancer. I am SO SO Proud of my daughter. I know I made note of all those things but for every milestone she did she also had chemo, several blood transfusions (13 total now), and scans that trumped her milestones. The past 5 months have been a big fucking blur. It's been awful, painful, and trying. Here we are 11/12 days from scans, I just need her to be ok. I just need my baby to be ok. I need to see her grow up, for her to mouth off, to help her get ready for her 1st day of school, to throw tantrums in the grocery store, to celebrate every single birthday with her.

I love you Jillian Ava and Mallory Aleda, 
You will always be my HERO'S!