Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We made it home today!

There is nothing like walking into your house and smelling freshly baked cupcakes (Ok so I totally cheat and have my Scentsy going! Not actual cupcakes lol!).

We made it home, Mallory is doing well. I would have opted to stay another night because she is still pretty cranky. But I talked to the physicians assistant this morning and he ok'd some at home Benadryl. We also discussed that she should be eating around 20 ounces of formula a day and that if she wasn't doing good with that to call clinic in the morning and we would push fluids tomorrow. So I am feeling confident in our choice to come home! (Even if we have to drive back for a few fluids tomorrow but so far she has drank 14 ounces so that's ONLY 6 more to go tonight so I think she'll make it!)

Mallory and I took a nap on the couch, she was a little cranky but nothing a little extra sleep didn't help. So we snuggled up, I smell like baby spit up from her drooling over me. Pretty sure my chick-a-dee is teething.

Ryan took Jillian for a "Daddy Daughter Date" and he refused to divulge where and what they did. It was strictly confidential between them, hahahaha! Seriously LOVE that guy! and HOW FUN for Jillian to get out with her Daddy. Feeling super blessed to have such an AMAZING guy in our lives!

I had a LOT of panic about our wedding this weekend. Mallory's chemo if it stays on track will be the weekend of our Wedding (July 7th). But talked to the Doctors and they are pretty sure we can work around it because she will have been in treatment for so long. So hopefully it all pan's out, plus she won't be super neutropenic (her body will have recovered by then) from chemo still so it should work out better this way. So thankful they can work with us! I can't wait for July 7th, I have had no time to plan, no time to make ANYTHING for the wedding, but ohh well If it's just me in my fancy smancy dress and ryan all dressed up along with the girls then so be it. It will be PERFECT! :-)

We also got a nice big envelope in the mail today with insurance statements from last year and this year, a nice 40 pages worth of statements I would guess. We already hit our entire deductible and capped out the out of pocket expense already this year but luckily Mal's 2nd insurance covered most of that. I need to get her a shirt that says "Million Dollar Baby".

We also received a box of goodies from an AMAZING family in texas. Mallory got TONS of organic baby food, HOW AWESOME! And in little pouches with spoons that at attach, I've never seen anything as cool as those. We will be treating her to some yummy organic baby food ASAP! Plus Mallory got a BEAUTIFUL silk baby blanket today. Big Sister Jillian got a few doll's that I am sure she will snuggle up with tonight. And a few gift cards. I am just so touched by these warm gestures from everyone, our family cannot thank you enough for making the transition to so much time away from home that much easier. I am just amazed and speechless. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

I am going out with 2 of my favorite ladies tonight! Woot Woot for Girl's Night :-) This Mom needs a break and little wine to get back in the swing of things at home.