Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodbye Hair

I have been contemplating cutting my hair off for a LONG time now, I was waiting for our wedding and was going to do it right after that (but with postponing it it will give me another year to grow it out anyways!) but finally TODAY I decided that I am GOING TO DO IT! So Goodbye Hair, Hello New short Easier Hair!

My hair is long enough to donate it to Locks of Love as well! So to be able to help out a kid with Cancer is an even bigger reason for me. Although Mallory would not benefit from a wig, I have met MANY MANY kids that would. So It feels GREAT!

Plus it will be easier in the hospital to have short hair, quicker to wash, dry, and have it look good for once. Not to mention it'll bring down the price of shampoo for me! :-p

Mallory's CT was AMAZING! The tumor has shrunk 1/4 of the original size, and her chatacolohmines (sp? seriously some of the medical terms are SO hard to spell correctly!) are NORMAL, Beyond AMAZING news. We get admitted for Chemo tomorrow and will actually be able to discuss everything with Dr. Axtell then, but for today we are going to enjoy some more sunshine and possibly some ice cream to celebrate.

Ohhh yeah and on Friday we will be celebrating Mallory's 1/2 BIRTHDAY! WOW My little chickadee is going to be 6 months old! What a ROCK STAR!!! :-)