Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clinic Visit and being HOME!

We are so ecstatic, we have been home for 6 days now!!

Mal's clinic visit went pretty good yesterday, although her numbers are SUPER low they should be on the mend soon.

Her white count is : 450 which is super low but she's been at 50 before so we'll take 450.
Hemoglobin was : 9.1 (transfusion on Thursday for sure for this!)
Platelets : 57,000 (transfusion for this also, they usually transfuse below 30,000 but because she's so little they will do it anyways.)
ANC : 140 Which makes her SEVERLY nuetropenic, but she did not hit 0! So her body should recover quicker. YAY! It's also probably the big reason why she hasn't gone to the hospital for another admission, YAY! YAY! YAY!

Depending on what her numbers are on Thursday we may be able to go somewhere for Easter! Something WE really want to do! No church, but maybe lunch with Ry's family (as long as everyone is in good standing health). It's been 4.5 months since I have seen any of the nieces or nephews and I SERIOUSLY miss them like CRAZY! I am sure they miss Malibu as well so it would be nice to actually be able to go.

I had a GREAT morning so far, Jillian woke me up by knocking at the door saying "KNOCK, KNOCK, OUT OUT!" hahahaha and Mally slept till 9:45, wooohooo! Now we're just waiting on neupogen to show up and maybe a nap is in order!