Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Crazy Week :-p

Monday :

We spent the day CLEANING house, which included scrubbing, washing, and doing laundry. My house is sparkling clean now :-) What a relief! Now we can go about our week and come back from the honeymoon with a nice clean house.

We started Mal's SSKI drops.

This weekend I finished EVERYTHING for the wedding so this week I get to relax, well sort of.

Tuesday (TODAY!):

I had to wake up at 6 to get ready to bring Mal to Helen Devos at 7:30, she had to have her MIBG injection. It was heartbreaking, the poor punky had to be poked 3 times to get her IV started. They only needed it for 2 minutes while the injected the Radioactive Isotope into her for tomorrows scans. She screamed and cried, and cuddled with me. But once she got it out she went back to her happy perky self!

I ended up calling clinic to see if they could do Mal's other IV tomorrow, I just feel more comfortable because we get the same guy everytime there. And he knows Mal is very difficult and won't poke her until he's confident that he's found a good one. Usually he gets it on the 1st try and it never takes him more than twice to get it in.

We also recieved some WONDERFUL news today about Mal's ultrasound. The cancer spots on her liver have DECREASED along with her Adrenal tumor! This is evidence that she in fact the chemo did it's job and she is STABLE! Her MIBG scan will show any active neuroblastoma cells, but with this ultrasound and low catacholomine numbers they are pretty confident that it should show nothing. So Once again we praise the LORD for these incredible results!

Wednesday: (This is my CRAZY day).

On top of the MIBG scan, we have a doctors apt for Jillian.

She was born with strabismis (lazy eye), and she wore glasses for 4 months, we patched her eye for a few months, and then she had surgery to correct it. Her eyes are PERFECTLY straight but we go in every few months for a check. She is nearsighted which means eventually she'll have glasses but I hope we can hold off until she's a little bit older. Her apt is at 8:45 and will run about 2 hours (If she cooperates)

Which poses a little bit of a scheduling conflict with Mal's scan which is at 11, the thing that stinks is Jill's eye apt is right across the street from Helen Devos but she cannot come with us to this scan. So Ryan has to bring Mal and I have to backtrack all the way home drop off Jillian and drive back up to the hospital. I haven't missed any of her procedures and I don't intend to this time either.

Mal's MIBG scan lasts about an hour, she will be sedated for the procedure, and she will be SO VERY hungry when she wakes up. But we will make do, Thank Heavens Ryan's Mom is watching Mal in the morning, she'll be able to keep her busier than I would.

Thursday : I get to do NOTHING! Ahhhhhhh a relaxing wonderful Thursday, I am looking forward to just snuggling with the girls.

Friday : Manicures & Pedicures with my Mom, Sister and Niece! It's going to be so lovely! Then we have to pick up flowers head back to my house and put together my bouquet. Then it's off to the Country Club to set up for the reception! Then Rehearsal & Dinner :-)


(I will have some fine words for the weather man if this "thunderstorm" crap happens!)