Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Only Saturday and I feel accomplished for the weekend

I honestly have tissues on hand, lots and lots of tissues for this week. I know as the week progresses that each day will get harder more difficult and be extremely challenging.

But for once, I am feeling a little less heavy about scan time. It's scananxiety time (another Oncology mom called this period, totally right about that one).

We did Relay for Life this year, I had planned on doing Team Sweet Baby Mallory and was ready and signed us up thinking Mal would be in remission after 4 short easy 21 day cycles (Mid Feb), not 6 excruciating long tramatic emotionally exhausting rounds of "heavy chemo", what feels like hundreds of ER trips, thousands of blood transfusions, millions of clinic visits later, later here we are and It's May 12th and we are close to the goal but not sure quiet yet. So a few months ago I posted on facebook that I just couldn't do Relay, I don't have the time, energy, or motivation to put forth right now while focusing on Mallory. It seems like our family had been struck by lightening more in 1 year than should seem even be possible.

Then there was Katie, Al & their daughter Gwen. They were supportive with Mal from Day 1 and never had met us, they heard about us through the grapevine and just have been amazingly supportive. Katie asked if we wanted to combine our Relay Teams after seeing my facebook, their little Rock Star Gwen is a Baby Cancer Survivor also and they had Team Super Gwen signed up and ready to go this year for Relay, took us under there wings, and for our first year as Team Super Gwen and Sweet Baby Mallory, we ROCKED at Relay. Mallory and Gwen's Cancer Stories are so different, but when it comes down to it they are 2 very badass little girls who have fought like Hell, changed lives, and we couldn't be ANY prouder of those two! Even the name of her cancer I had never heard of before "Yolk Sac Tarcoma" (I think that's right, I'll correct it if I getting an email from Katie or Al lol).Gwen has been fighting Cancer her entire life, since the moment they saw there girl for the first time in utero.  Gwen will be celebrating her 2 year Birthday next month, over a year in remission already, we have been blessed to have met her and she is an inspiration to us for sure! We will continue Relay for years to come with our Super Girls as a Team.

I know, I can jabber, jabber jabber, on and on and on and you want to know how much we raised for Relay for Life with our girls this year.

We raised
$$$ 4,128 $$$

Our First Year was Phenomenal, hectic, we didn't have all the pieces together but in all honesty it kept us on our toes a little bit and next year we can do more now that we've made the leap this year and have a better idea and more time. Gwen's Dad and I managed to stay awake for the ENTIRE 24 hour walk (we were not 24 hour walkers), we didn't miss anything. By 9ish, we were slap happy and I wouldn't shut up, I was afraid if I stopped talking/moving I might lose some spunk, nope didn't happen, still hasn't happened. I hadn't convinced myself that I was staying up the entire walk until they did the opening ceremony and if our little 7.5 month old can fight cancer than this is a small small token of my thanks, I am the worlds LUCKIEST MOM. 

There was just so many inspirational things that Relay does for families. Our Girls were the smallest fighters there this year, I hope this will inspire some of the other childhood cancer families to join Relay for Life as well, everyone supported us, cried with us, hugged us and brought us right into there circle of families fighting cancer. We can tell them people about childhood cancer day in and day out  but come meet our daughters, take a look, come see, ask questions, because KID'S GET CANCER TOO!!!!

The support was incredible. I just am feeling inspired, I know this is the jump we needed to get going for the week ahead. I want Mal to be in remission so so so so so SO SO SO SO SO bad, I want this to week to be over, this journey to stop and a new one to start, we are READY to move forward.

Scans Tuesday & Wednesday and Results on FRIDAY!

So let the countdown begin, don't stop now, keep the prayers going, the good vibes going, and any messages you have feel free to pour in this week with anything even if we dont respond on everything we're listening1!!. It's pins and needless week and nothing small goes unnoticed! Mallory is a fighter and she's putting up one hell of a fight and she's not stopping yet!!!

Have a lovely Mothers Day tomorrow everyone! I know ours will be Great!