Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Anything you can do can be dropped off or sent to

Laura Crandle
3736 Hazelwood
Wyoming MI, 49519

This is my wonderful Moms house. She has been taking primary care over Jillian while we have been in and out of the hospital, she has just STEPPED up to the plate so much for us. We couldn't get through this without her! 

Friday Starts a LONG LONG ROAD

 The good news is the MYCN is NOT AMPLIFIED! PRAISE THE LORD!
What this means is she still in the intermediate risk category and not the high risk.

The bad news is, we start a LONG LONG course of treatment.
We will be doing 8-12 cycles. Which means each cycle is 21 days long, we are admitted to Helen Devos for 5-6 days each cycle.

This is MONTHS and MONTHS of treatment. We will be doing a CT scan every 2 cycles and an MIBG every 4 cycles.

She will be receiving heavy doses of Cytoxan and Topotecan. These will be very hard on her, she will have to be hooked up to IV fluids the entire time we are in the hospital. She will be monitored the entire time. And we will be doing daily neupogen injections once we get home. And she will not feel well at all, it is a very very very hard chemo on anyone let alone an infant.

This will equal a lot of time away from Jillian.
This will equal tons of money for hospital expenses (not medical because Mallory is on Children's Special Health Care which takes care of her Cancer Related Care), for the gas to and from, for food and other basic necessities.

We are not asking for a hand out but if you can help in anyway our family sincerely appreciates it. I will be re posting "take them a meal" this is HUGE to us. We have a long road ahead of us the next 6 months at least, so if you can bring us something, get us gift cards for places at the hospital, or in anyway help us we need it right now. Grocery's for food for Jillian for when she is away from home. Small travel size supplies are wonderful as well, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, disposable razors, etc. ANYTHING. Help with housework, anything, anything, anything!

I am STRESSING once again the importance of not being around our family if you are ill at this time, we cannot delay treatment due to Mallory getting sick. But we NEED help, so if you are well, have time please come help us. Mallory needs all of you, she needs us, and she needs you.

We are going to fight this, we are going to keep our chins up, we are going to get through this. It's just going to be crazy for awhile. I posted pictures from the day she was born, because this sweet baby HAS to see her 1st Birthday, she has to see many many many birthdays.
 So we can celebrate just as much as the day she was born!