Monday, October 1, 2012


 Goodbye to Mallory's 1st year of life.
It was one hell of a ride.
Goodbye to the tears, we welcome this 2nd year of life with open arms. 

 Ok, with a lot more "Peek-a-boo's" and "Where is MALLORY?"
We get to now really embrace our lives, the one that God has blessed us with.
This little life.

and this one too.
 Somedays are tough, really tough, but nothing can compare to what this past year has been.
It makes the bad days seem not that bad.
When I have one child on my leg crying for attention and the other one jumping on my shoulders.
It's Not that bad.
I get it, I totally get it.

This year is about US.
It's about THEM.
It's about healing, healing, and moving on.
It's about forgiving those that abandoned us.
It's about forgiving the mistakes that have been made.
It's about forgetting the things we lost, and embracing the things we have.
It's about finding our purpose.
It's about becoming one.
It's about leaving the ugly behind.
It's about being selfish and embracing our children.
It's about working toward the ultimate goal.
And that ultimate goal for me, is to let go.
Get Free, and FLY FLY FLY. 

 These are OUR kids. They rock. They are worth every single moment of everyday. They are my prizes. It's about saying goodbye to "Sweet Baby Mallory" and saying Hello to our "Sweet Little Girls" Because this year it's all about THEM.

So as we continue this journey through cancer, through it's many different stages, we will hopefully get to enjoy many things that don't revolve around that anymore. There will be tests, there will be scans, but life gets to move on in between. And no matter which road it takes us, we're just living the days that we have to the fullest. So this is "Sweet Baby Mallory's" blog and we will continue to update, but we're gonna add some spunk, share some of our craziness with both of our kids, and keep it as a reminder of what we've done, what she's done, and what we're made of and how far we've come.

For us.