Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Maid

I know you really wanted to service my room today, but as you can see I put up the "do not disturb" sign, I really did just get 15 hours of sleep. There is empty beer cans, towels, clothes, an unmade bed and junk food wrappers everywhere. I promise when I leave tomorrow I will pick everything up but for now I am off duty as a Mom. I am ignoring you request to come into my room and clean. I even signed into the hotel under a "fake" name so that no one can find me. (Ok so it's under my sisters name because she paid for it, but I am pretending I am someone important so that everyone leaves me be). Thank you for understanding.


They totally make cookies that taste like the girl scout coconut ones now that you can buy at the grocery store, I won't share with everyone how many I ate but just know they are AMAZING and are made by keebler! :-)

Time to throw on my bathing suit and sit in the hot tub, and I forsee a nap in my near future before Ryan gets here. (That lucky boy got his wonderful Mom to watch the girls tonight so he could spend some much needed time with me).