Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We were discharged this morning without talking to a doctor, he came in saw we were sleeping and didn't bother to wake me up. Yesterday I was in the shower and he never came back.

I was hoping that instead of leaving we could start chemo early but of course no answers on that because all we did was talk to the discharge coordinator instead of our primary doctor. She said because her line broke we needed to wait which is BS since they ran fluids for 2 days straight, then she said she talked to Axtell our primary and they had to come up with a chemo game plan.  Which i also think is bs and why couldnt i directly talk to him instead of secondary crap. They better not switch her chemo if its working, I'm also going to question why we are not looking into a stem cell transplant (its never been discussed before). I want the best of the best for her and what to know all of our options. If it will increase her rate of survival then why not.

Arrrggg ohhh well sitting and enjoying the sunshine for now I suppose.