Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our little life.

Every day we make it through is a GREAT day. Even the not so good ones are great.

I haven't known what to write for quiet sometime now. I am happy that we get to be just a "normal" family, that does extraordinary things. Even if to most they are just "normal".

October is our CRAZY Birthday month, the one month of our the year were we are swamped with parties for our families. It feels great that we get to celebrate but even Mallory has been able to as well. Jillian adores her "Birday Parties with Birday Cake".

The funny thing about Jillian is the things she says. Each day it's something new.

"I needs it off, barbie is neekied and DAUNCING" - seriously kid, seriously. Barbies are not allowed to have clothes any longer, it concerns me just a smidge :-p

We went grocery shopping the other day and all the girl wanted was some "dinaSOOOUUUURRR toof brushes" to use with her "Toof paste".

Banana's are called "Bunumanums" and Milk is "Mickey Milk".

I am in love with this age, we're getting to the tough part where I must start trying to potty train her, and also the "no, no, no" phase. But ehhh it's still fun. Honestly it's been an amazing experience watching her grow. I am thankful for her sweet smiling face everyday.

Last week Saturday I was driving to a baby shower and was not paying enough attention and I stopped at a stop sign and saw that the street I had to turn on was to the left, so without thinking it entirely through I just went left. I then was hit by another car. One of the things I've struggled with for a long time is the thought of one of my children dying. I've had recurrent nightmares of pulling my dead child out of a car covered in blood. It's gotten better with the help from my therapist and finally realizing that these dreams are just a reminder that we are not invincible. Having been in an accident that thankfully everyone walked away from unharmed is a reminder of how fast things can be taken away from us. I just thank the Lord for watching out for us, for keeping us safe, and for teaching me another valuable lesson. I am sorry to the poor girl I hit, I am sorry for scarring my little Jillian, and to my husband who has had to deal with all the insurance crud. I am just so thankful we are safe.

Tomorrow marks another clinic day for Mallory. It is the usual urine catacholomine test, along with her doctor finally sitting down with us and showing us scans. We have not seen a scan since her CT was done when she was diagnosed, although I put all of my faith in her doctor to take care of our beautiful little girl, I still would like to see first hand what she fought and how far she's come. We got her blood work back that her Pediatrician ordered and it was what we needed to see to feel a little bit more at ease. I cannot thank the Lord enough for giving her such a great ped, who empathizes with us, who is open to suggestions, and who always leads us in the right direction.

Something I would like to share is how far Mallory has come. Seriously this little girl is a rockstar, if you could meet her 1st hand you would NEVER know anything was ever wrong with her. She is smart, witty, and stubborn and absolutely perfect. She mimics us talking, she only gets mad if she's hungry or big sis steals something from her (or it's bedtime), but she flows through the days with such grace and always a beautiful smile on her face. She has the sweetest laugh, it just melts me every time I get to hear it. She is also starting to stand up on her own without holding onto anything, another big milestone for her, she took a step today with her push toy, and what a sight that was. She just is resilient, just amazing.

I am also making massive life changing things, one of those involves my shotty house wife skills. Now to say the least we've had 2 kids. From going to adjusting to 1 (who started the world out with colic), then to being pregnant with a 1 year old, then to having 2 kids under 2, and then having our new sweet baby diagnosed with cancer, I really haven't had a whole lot of time to "adjust" to life. Not that I'd change anything about my life, but I can say first hand that I'm really not that spiffy at house wife skills.

We finally had our kitchen painted, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I feel like know that we finally have our home "perfectly perfect" for us, it just makes it worth it to keep it looking nice. So made beds, vacuumed floors, and picked up toys are a must most of the days lately. I try to keep the sink pretty clean as well (don't look right now though, it's full of dishes lol), laundry that's just not my cup of tea, but at least I'm doing a better job at it. I just feel like I'm making huge strides to getting my house to the way that makes it the easiest for us to live in, so that we can enjoy our children to the maximum, and so that we may not stress over it every single day. I am just happy we're getting there finally, but of course I am not stressed about it, I've just been putting more effort into it lately and it feels great!! (I promise to go around my house and take pictures, because I am pretty proud of all the things we've done!)