Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet Sir Elmo

Our cat of 6 years died on Thursday. He just died, no rhyme, no reason, we just have no clue. So I am going to dedicate today's blog to him. He was a great cat (I know I sound like the crazy cat lady here), and I'm gonna miss him meowing at EVERYTHING. 

This is our luck lately.
He was a fat cat, yes, but seriously why did our fat cat have to die?

I really hope that most people don't find our blog to be overall dramatic, because lets face it my life is pretty much a Soap Opera.

I will however admit going out and getting drunk with my girlfriend last night and laughing about how much my life sucks. It felt GREAT, to have that big HUGE pity party that I've been needing, well yep feel free to say it "Your life SUCKS". I know someone will ALWAYS have it worse than our family but this past year we've been trampled on by life and yep IT SUCKS. So I need it to start looking up in May, so no bad news in may, just good news and lets just pray its the turning point for us. That everything will start going our way.