Monday, February 20, 2012

Blood Cultures

So far so good, they are negative but they continue to watch them for another 24 hours.

Mal had a rough night and morning, we ended up giving her morphine to calm her down. They are not sure what is causing her to be so fussy, some people develop gastrointestinal sores from there mouth to there bottom and they can be pretty miserable so it could be that, we are playing a guessing game right now.

She has developed a splotchy rash all over which points to a viral infection which is much better than a bacterial infection.

Her fever spiked up this morning but has tapered off again. Hopefully it stays that way this time.


  1. My wife and I had a similar experience with our little one while in PICU. She would yo yo with her fever throughout the day, and all of the cultures came back negative.

    I'm sure Mallory will chalk this one up under her belt; she's come this far!

    Also, for what its worth: While inpatient, our daughter was receiving GCSF (Neupogen) via IV. We noticed that whenever they would administer she would develop a low to mid grade fever. Once we switched to giving her subcutaneous injections, the fever stopped.

    In any event, it's just yet another bump in the long road; it'll soon be behind you and everyone will get some long needed rest!

    Best wishes,

    Father to Alyssa, dx Neuroblastoma Stage 4s on 12/15/11.

    1. Adam, thank you for sharing about your precious Alyssa. I am going to add her to the many prayer lists in Florida. God bless, and thank you for the website information.

  2. So many praying for all of you, every day, many times per day!

    Nancy May, prayer warrior