Sunday, February 19, 2012


Mallory started feeling crummy last night around 8ish, I kept a close eye on her temperature all night. We have a forehead thermometer it typically reads 97.6 when she is feeling good and it slowly started climbing. She reached 99.4 during the night and stayed there, we kept her in bed with us, she refused to eat, and by morning she lost all of her color and could barely hold her head up.

So a quick phone call to the hospital to let them know we were on our way and we rushed out the door as soon as my Dad picked up Jillian.

When we got here they did her blood pressure, temperature, and pulse ox monitor. Her blood pressure was good, her temperature was 100, and her pulse was pretty high. They drew blood from both her lines and sent them off to do a culture to see if she has any bacterial infections. They also did a CBC and her numbers are super low, her hemoglobin is an 8.1 and her ANC (ability to fight infection) is at a 0. Her white blood count is super low as well, as to be expected after chemo.

Her temperature spiked to 102 within an hour and they started her on antibiotics, tylenol, and lots of fluids. We were admitted shortly after this.

The blood cultures take 12-24 hours to get back so in the mean time she gets antibiotics while we wait.

We will be here for at least 2 days or if the culture comes back positive 5 days or until her fever breaks.

She is also getting another blood transfusion to hopefully perk her up. She is sooooo pale, she has petecia really bad because she is so anemic, and she has slept pretty much all day. Her fever is at 99.9 the last time they checked.

I am really bummed about this because she was doing so AWESOME! if the cultures come back negative it could be caused by her ANC being at 0. They consider this severely neutropenic.

So we hope that the cultures come back negative and she gets better soon. Our poor punky :-(


  1. {{hugs}} I hope the cultures are negative and she is feeling better soon :)

  2. Hugs prayers and good thoughts.

  3. We are praying every day for all of you.

  4. praying for negative cultures and for little fighter Mallory, God please bless her in every way, cancer be GONE. So many prayers from Florida.

  5. Praying for YOU and your baby!! My heart really goes out to you, with all the ups and downs you are going through! Heather