Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Mallory is currently receiving Immunoglobulin G IV medication. She has not been able to be vaccinated since she was diagnosed so her little body cannot fight off anything currently. They will continue these medications once a month through Chemo, she will not be able to be fully immunized until 6 months after treatment ends. So until then we will be monthly IV's to help her immune system out. Hopefully this will prevent some future hospital stays.

She is doing MUCH MUCH better today. Smiley, happy, and all around in a GREAT mood. We are still unfortunately stuck here until her ANC bumps up to at least 200, currently it is at 0! :-( Yuck. We do daily neupogen shots that help boost her bone marrow production, so hopefully we will see an increase soon. I know her and I would benefit for a few days at home before we come back next week for Chemo.

They started Mal on a new medication today to give her more of an appetite. She hasn't gained any weight since her last round of chemo so we are trying this to prevent her from having a feeding tube. So I hope it works! So far today she's done much much better! It will take a few days to completely bump her up but I've got my fingers crossed. Mal has NEVER been a good eater but then again she's always had cancer and who knows if its the cancer that effects her or if its just the way she always would be. But I've got my fingers crossed that she does much better on these meds!

I went and saw Jillian yesterday, I walked into my parents house and she says "WOW!" hops off the couch and jumps in my lap. Such a good feeling when your kid misses you so much. I have to spend so much time away from her, it just seems so unfair. One of the things that bugs me the most is that we decided that I would be a stay at home Mom shortly after Jillian was born so that she could get the most out of her childhood by having me around and here we are not seeing my kid for 2 weeks or more a month. It just sucks. Cancer sucks.

I miss being home. I miss running around with Jillian. I miss seeing Mally sleep soundly in her crib. I miss spending time as a family. I miss life before Cancer.


  1. Glad the baby is better- sad for you. I know this is terrible, but Jillian is so little she will not remember, you will. Also, besides loving you guys, she will really love your parents, and have an incredibly strong bond with them. At least she's not 5 or 6 and able to cry and lay a guilt trip on you. Hang in there- if there is a bright side (and you know I try to dream them up) at least you don't have any housework or cooking. Hang in there. :)

  2. I love you Chris! That totally made me chuckle! No cooking or housework is pretty nice. I do have to agree! (And so are the naps lol!)

  3. Jillian may not remember the details of this time in your lives but she is seeing first-hand the love and devotion of a family and how everyone works together to care for one another through the worst of times. That foundation will serve her well for the rest of her life :)

  4. I hope i am doing \ like you Ashley..I get on the floor and play..we do our abcs...color...count...I love her with all my heart..and we will have a special bond the rest of our lives like with Emily and Zachary!! I will just have to catch up with Mallory every chance I get...I think that's why I stop over just about every day when u get home!! I so wish i could trade places with Mallory....and I would in a heart beat!! Just know I think about her all the time and I pray all the time...I love you sweetie!!!!

  5. Thanking God for the love and prayers of family, friends, and strangers ( like me!). I get weekly infusions of immunoglobulin and it has helped me a ton..... People who donate plasma are our benefactors! I call it "globs". And it works!

    Nancy May