Sunday, December 18, 2011

1st Graders Send Lots of Cards for Miss Malibu

I hope you get better from Emma

I hop you get beter, I hop you get a lot uv presens for crismus love conor

I hope you fill better soon terry uewnum
I write a card for you

I hope you get to filling beter. By Madesto

Happy Hooladay I hop you get to feeling betre. Azlyn

Mallory I am sorry that you had to get surjry. I am sorry you can't play. And I hope you have a grate Chritmas. From Emma

Just a few of my FAVORITES! They Did such a GREAT Job!

I decided to hang up all the cards we have recieved, the stack was HUGE but now my wall is full of hope and support and I look at them everyday for guidance. A HUGE thanks to everyone for all the amazing cards! We will be keeping them on the wall until Mallory is in remission so we have your words to guide us through this rough time in our lives. 



  1. I love that a teacher would have her 1st graders do this for Mallory. Merry Christmas to them and to Baby Mallory!