Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tomorrow is "a" BIG DAY!


They bumped up the peanut's surgery to have it removed because the stitches came loose.
I am a basket case. This time in a good way.

6 months ago on December 1st they put it in her, and tomorrow June 1st they are taking it out. It's bittersweet. I know she is done with it and so are we.

We have not given Mallory a bath in 6 months, we have not been able to hold her without a shirt on, we can't leave the room if we're changing clothes so everything needs to be readily avaliable and you MUST be prepared, no more shimmy and shaking for blood draws (although she will have to be poked every month), no more heparin locking her broviac every morning, no increased risk of infection due to her having a central line, and did I mention she gets to show off that cute as can be chubby tummy of hers that is ohhh so cute and ohhh so kissable.

These are happy tears today, she managed to stump so many doctors, and then exceeded there expectations and rocked at chemo. Now there is a clear light at the end of the tunnel and it is so so so beautiful.


  1. Yeah sweet little Mallory! So so happy for you.

  2. SOOOO happy for you guys, I know Mal will be happy too!

    ~Matt VanEssen