Friday, May 25, 2012

More Summer, Why Not?

I may have gone a little picture "happy" lately. :-) It's been pretty hot in Michigan lately and poor Miss Malibu is a SAUNA! That girl is ready to rock her bikini, and being pretty chunky is really cute but does not make going through the hot weather easy. Yesterday I was cooling the poor girl down with a washcloth. But we do have a broviac removal date,


Which in my opinion seems like an eternity away, but ehhh it'll go by quickly I hope. I've had pretty bad anxiety when it comes time to sit still and relax especially bed time. This Momma is hovering the toliet all the time, it's a strange strange feeling to have it constantly and I know that it's just everything poor Mally has been through and I'm just struggling when it comes to her being in remission because now we're just watching it. We will continue to watch it for 3 more years, I just pray that it doesn't come back, that she never has to go through this again, that our family can just be our family with out the big CANCER word in the mix all the time. I'm trying to focus all my energy on my sweet little girls and summer which has been such a RIOT but it's definitely an adjustment.

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