Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Many Many Prayers

Mallory was sedated today for her MIBG/CT scan, it went well. She woke up and flipped right over on her tummy and didn't even act hungry this time. We were so happy to see a familiar face in the sedation department, she has been with us through a few different procedures, she started Mal's IV last time she had to have her broviac replaced, and she stayed with her the entire time. They let us stay in the room until Mal is good and conked out. So we got to hold her sweet little hands and give her big old kisses on her forehead and she was back to her chipper self in no time.

We had a voice mail on our answering machine saying that according to the ultrasound the tumor has shrunk significantly, the MIBG/CT scan will be the tell all for us, but from the original ultrasound to this, it's GREAT NEWS.

I am hoping they will call us early tomorrow with the results of the MIBG/CT and just give us the game plan for the rest of treatment on Friday. But either way, us girls are staying home, snuggling up and having an amazing day.

We had many great things happen today, one was Mally pushed up on her knees today and scooted. What a HUGE milestone. She started sitting up a week ago. She is drinking almost 8 ounce bottles, up from 3 ounces a month ago. It's CRAZY how much chemo affected her and we had no idea because it was just "normal" for her, she barely cries, she's happy all the time, and NEVER throws up anymore. I wish it could have been this easy for her from the start. She deserves to only have to worry about eating, pooping, and sleeping from now on. (Yep, I said poop.)

Jillian has been joining us in praying at night, she is sooo sweet we always say "God Bless Mommy, Daddy, Jilly, Mally, Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa and all your cousins and friends too" and she's been chiming in "Sissy and Nana" all by herself, and tonight she said "and Sissy, and Papa, and Sissy, and Sissy". So she must have known that Sis needed a few extra prayers this week too. It just melt's my heart, it makes me thankful that God Blessed me with these beautiful daughters that mean the world to me.

We put Mallory in the doorway jumper while we started Jillian's bath water and I said "Bath Time" and Jillian starts shuffling her way down the hallway only to stop because she HAD to help Mallory "jump-a-jump". So she pulls on the jumper and Mally starts bouncing and Jillian says "Sissy JUMPY". This is from the kid that had NO idea what to think when we showed her, her new little sister and for MONTHS Jillian has flat our ignored her. (Not complaining though, it's been nice to be able to leave them alone in the room together and not worry about what the 2 year old might do to the baby). It just is wonderful to see them interacting and I can't wait for the years to come. We had the girls close together because we wanted them to be best friends, and to play with each other, and to always have someone around and the last 6 months haven't helped them bond by any means so its just nice to see it finally happening.

Thanks Everyone for your extra prayers and support this week, I promise as soon as I get any news I will update as fast as I can.


  1. glad everything is going well so far. It will continue to, I just know it! Prayin Prayin Prayin! So glad I met you guys!


  2. It's wonderful to see you got some great news, which Mallory deserves. Praying for Mallory, continued prayers from Florida.

  3. From BBC board and I still check on our sweetbaby mallory! I look forward to positive news in your future. Your family is amazing and strong and the universe will return the strength to your future!