Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We've had a lot of good memories this past 3 weeks at home. I am ready for Mallory to get the official "remission" call, I am waiting for friday, I am READY. I thought I would be a wreck this week but we've just enjoyed so much that it's out weighing the fact that it's scan time. We've been outside every moment we can, we've been singing our little hearts out, going to the store, going to Nana and Papa's and to Grandma and Grandpa's, we've been GOING places and DOING things and laughing.

WE'RE LAUGHING. God is good and no matter where we go from here I can say that this family will make it.

"Mahsgoby" - is how Jillian says "Momma's going to buy you". We sing hush little baby all the time and she's been singing it right along with us lately, it's amazing. My kids are amazing, down right incredible.


  1. It's all going to be good....glad you are finally enjoying that sweetheart it took a while but you are enjoying her!

  2. Still sending prayers from Alaska. God is good and will take care of you!

  3. Still thinking of you from September board. Lots of prayers your way. We (marielle, a fellow Sept baby, and I) were wondering if there was a po box we could send a small gift to mallory to?

    Jenn oiler

  4. You can send anything you want to us. Our address is 3303 Boone Ave, Wyoming MI 49519. (My girls have been spoiled rotten so don't feel like you have to at all!)

    We appriciate everyones support, it feels amazing to be home and to have nothing to worry about but taking care of our chick-a-dee's. Friday cannot come soon enough.