Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What happens when you find your bitch bone!


Mallory will be having a biopsy tomorrow morning. She will be under general anesthetic and while they have her under they will be replacing her broviac as well.

They tried to tell me that they would let me know later today or tomorrow about what he said. And I would NOT accept this. That I HAD to know NOW that I would NOT wait for an answer. That they HAD to find me SOMEONE that could give me some answers. And I got a call back 10 minutes later. BITCH BONE WORKS AFTER ALL!!!

I am 100% for advocating for my child, I will not accept "ok" or "call back later". My child has a cancerous tumor inside her that is growing, I will NOT accept a waiting period. Time is NOT on her side, Neuroblastoma is a fast moving cancer, and we need to kill it as fast as we can so that Mallory can keep on living. So that we can just get back to worrying about her rolling over, or when she starts crawling, or when she starts talking. Instead these things are on the back burner, as long as she lives 1 more day thats all we care about right now.

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