Friday, January 27, 2012

We LOVE Nap Time

Today was one of those days where I desperately needed nap time to work, but it did not pan out that way.

Jillian is required to spend 1 hour of quiet time a day, if she naps great, if not ohhh well. We switched her to a toddler bed at 18 months old so that we could get the nursery set up for Miss Mallory. Low and behold Mallory has only taken 2 naps in the crib, *smacks self in head* I should have left Jillian in hers for a LONG time. I just did not want to buy 2 cribs.

So after a few months she started getting out of bed, playing, and running a muck all around her room. We super child proofed it, if she wasn't going to nap she was certainly going to spend some down time. And it works out perfect, she reads books, plays with her stuffed animals, and sometimes manages to fall asleep. I try to keep all the LOUD toys out of there just so she has to quiet.

Today was no exception no nap for Jillian except Mallory would not nap either, instead we laid in bed and she coooo'd and giggled at me. She is sooo smart, she is so ticklish on her right cheek and every time I kiss it she pulls her shoulder up, closes her eyes, and lets out the biggest heart melting laugh. I could just eat her up.

After an hour we went and got Sissy out of her room, I changed Jill's diaper and she says "Ohhhhh Noooo" and I said "what?" and for the next 20 minutes she repeated to me "WHAT? WHAT? WHAT". Seriously how can anyone NOT love this age? Yes she throws tantrums, does naughty stuff, makes a mess, but seriously how cool is it when they start learning to talk? I get the tantrums, you try wanting a banana and not being able to tell someone that's what you want, I would throw myself on the ground too. Totally makes sense to me.

Pretty much EVERY DAY we jump in my bed, we have a king size bed and it is AMAZING. Not only to sleep but to jump on! (Ok so I don't jump but Jillian DOES!). So Mallory and I lay on one side and Jillian bounces her little butt off. Today inbetween bounces we were counting Mallory's toes, I had Jillian count for me and she says "Ooooone, TU, TREE, *insert long pause* SSSSIIIIIII-X, Sephen, Eigh, TEN!". I was a little concerned not only for the fact that Jillian missed a bunch of numbers that maybe just maybe Mallory was missing some toes. But nope there's 10 cute piggies on those feet, 10 perfectly perfect toes that are ohhhhh so amazing and never stop wiggling. Someday we're going to have to invest in another king size bed to put next to ours so that we have enough room for ALL of us to jump! :-)

These girls amaze me. I don't talk enough about Jillian on here, I know this is Sweet Baby Mallory's page. But my 2 year old is incredible! She is sooo sweet, sooo funny, and so much more than I could ever describe. She has a constant soundtrack playing in her head, she dances everywhere she goes, in the middle of the store, at home, at her Grandparent's house. She is starting to say the FUNNIEST things. She has adapted so well to Mommy not being home as much, to me having to spend a lot of my time taking care of Mallory. I have not had a job since I had Jillian and that was a little over 2 years ago, and I am so lucky that I get to spend all my time with them. She can have off days, where she throws tons of tantrums, does naughty things and does not listen but that's what makes her "HER!" and we LOVE it! Jillian just morphs, she continues to grow, she continues to be the whimsical child that she was as a baby, and I am SO lucky to have a child like that, who can go away for a couple days and have it not effect her. She just falls right back into her routine and its so special. She is just AMAZING.

I have decided I have the best kids in the world. Jillian and Mallory you ROCK!

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