Thursday, January 26, 2012

Relay For Sweet Baby Mallory

May 11th - May 12th get your walking shoes on and come join us at Lamar Park!
Join Team "Sweet Baby Mallory"

Mallory and I have had a LONG LONG week, we have had to do nuepogen injections since Monday and she's been so fussy. The nuepogen makes her body recover quicker from chemo, but can cause bone pain. Of which I am almost positive she's having her ANC is 14,000+ the highest it's ever been is 4,000. So on top of that the poor girl's white blood count was out of SIGHT at clinic today, so she's fighting some sort of cold.

She projectile vomited all over the playroom (talk about YUCK). She does NOT have the flu, she just had not eaten at all last night and I think she was being a touch gluttonous. But one glorious thing about last night was she did NOT take a bottle all night, so hopefully it sticks and she starts sleeping through the night (although I am NOT getting my hopes up at all).

We spent our entire day at clinic while they ran lots of fluids into her along with some zofran to combat and nausea she might be having. We also found that putting her priolsec into a bottle with some apple juice is the KEY to making her take it! FINALLY! Although I am totally against giving kids tons of juice, I am calling this the exception, I cannot handle 1 more vomit morning session. I had a breakdown and sat and cried in my laundry room after she got me, the floor, herself. It was so GROSS! I just cannot take anymore puke, this says a lot for a Mom to say this.

I am actually curious is our insurance will pick up the ticket to a good steam cleaning because Mallory alone has exceeded her "yearly" puke allowance on our floors. Why oh why did we buy a house with ALL carpet?

Monday is the big CT.


We will have the results by Tuesday.
I am PRAYING so hard that the chemo is working, that all of that Mallory has gone through is making her better, that it is killing the cancer, that she will see many many many birthdays. That there is a light to the end of the tunnel, that we will be there very soon. That our little girl does not have to endure much more pain and suffering.


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. We'll continue to keep her in our prayers.

  2. Mallory is such a little fighter. It breaks my heart that she has to endure this. I'm praying, very hard, that this will be the worst of it, and like you said, once the bad is over Mallory, you, and your family will have many many many good days. I am praying so very hard for Mallory and you. I also have a ton of friends who are praying for Mallory. Keep us all posted on everything and stay strong.