Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th :-)

Lets see Mallory has had a great day so far

  • 3 blood draws (1 the lady messed up and they had to come back for more blood)
  • She has high potassium which is why they took blood, it could be a fluke or it could be signs of problems with her kidneys. Obviously we are hoping for the chance that its a "fluke"
  • She all of a sudden developed a rash around her Broviac and under her arm pit. They gave her a dose of benadryl to hopefully calm it down.
  • She also has a wicked rash all over her lady bits.
  •  I thought she was getting a tooth, but she's starting to get mouth sores so nope my 3 month old does not have a tooth.
  • After careful documentation the nurses have informed me she eats every 1-1.5 hours.
  • Her broviac is still plugged up, they are not going to remove it yet, just continue with regular blood draws in the arm (OHHHH THE JOY!) because it still flushes. I'm a little pissed at this, I really do enjoy holding my baby down when you send an amateur person in to draw her blood and it takes them an hour to get it.

    Pretty much Today can be over with, I want to go home and once I get home I'm packing my bags.

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