Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our daughter is radioactive

Mallory was injected with radioactive isotopes this morning, which was interesting to say the least (yes that is the sign that was on the door). They keep the injection in a leaded glass syringe, which had a tungsten sheath over it. All of this was inside a lead box. It took all of 2 minutes. (We now get to wear gloves when changing her diapers till Monday).

Her new nickname is "radio"

We got to meet the clinic nurse, super sweet. Thankfully everyone we have dealt with through this process has been amazing. They state it well "We are a family that you never want to belong in".

Originally they had stated that they would not tell us anything until next Friday. We were informed this morning that that is NOT true and If I don't get a call by Monday at 10 am, to call myself for the results of the MIBG scan. We should get Bone Marrow results by Tuesday or Wednesday. Praying for good results from both. We do both tests tomorrow, she will be sedated so most likely we will be at the hospital all day long. (Good thing they discharged us, huh?)

Everything is going smoothly at home, now If I could just get stuff unpacked.

My mom is currently at the doctor with Jillian, she has a horrible barky cough that they are going to take a look at. I REALLY want her to come home so life can return to normal as much as possible.

Thank You all Again
-Ashley (My new nickname is Momma Bear, I have officially found my bitch bone. Excuse my language but its the only way to explain it lol)


  1. what nick name do u have for me? LOL I love u sweetie!!!

  2. I disagree with the statement "We are a family that you never want to belong in". You are part of the family of God. You two are AMAZING parents with two beautiful daughters that WILL be well soon!!! Someday your daughter will tell you how much she appreciates all your LOVE and devotion.....when she is 20 :) Keep looking UP! We are on our knees...
    John and Kim Bramer ( and kids too:))