Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am asking that everyone leaves me there address for Thank You cards. I understand that everyone says that they do not want one. But that is NOT an option.

I will have time during clinic visits, chemo treatments, and waiting room times and this will give me something to do.

Now if you do NOT send me your address be warned that you are causing me more grief because first I will a) look you up in the phone book and b) find out where you work and follow you home. So Please just do me the favor and give it to me.

I love you all and appreciate all of your love and support and this is the ONLY thing I can do and I need to. So If you have even just said a prayer for us please give me your address.

Either Facebook message me or email me


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  1. Ashley- here is a link to another mother, who has a baby with the same thing. I thought you might be able to read her baby's story, and maybe lean on each other for support, and to compare notes. Good luck, hope the baby is doing OK this evening. Chris Auriemma here's the link: