Friday, December 2, 2011

More Good News!

So we received word that the Bone Scan is CANCER FREE!!!! This is just one more big thing we were super worried about, and we can check it off the list. PRAISE THE LORD!

Mallory is currently receiving a blood transfusion, her hemoglobin was pretty low this morning. But thankfully with the broviac it is making this SOOOO much easier, no more constant pokes for her. So she hasn't been too terribly fussy at all. She gets to eat finally also, she CHUGGED her first bottle. They will be giving her a diuretic to flush out some of the extra water weight from all of the fluids they've pumped her with. She weighed 11.7 lbs yesterday and she weighed 12.4 lbs today so she has gained a TON in fluid. So we're interested to see what her weight will be after all that fluid is gone and now that the tumor is out.

We are hoping to have more visitors up next week since there won't be much testing or invasive procedures until Thursday. (Ryan is possibly going back to work so I'll be here during the day by myself). I am thinking the times we will do will be from 10-12 and 6-8. We do have a friend that is going to set up a website since I know a lot of you have been asking if you can bring us food that will help set up a schedule so we are not trying to figure it out ourselves. She is going to set it up this weekend and I will post more information as soon as we get it all set up.

We cannot thank everyone enough for all your generous donations to us, we are meeting with a worker from the hospital today to try and figure out some stuff. But it has helped SOOOO much! We are on a tight budget with Ryan not working and with just our general bills. We hate to be in this situation and to rely on so many people for help but you guys are the reason we are staying so strong!

(And thanks Sarah Dewey-Wind for the most amazing Diet Coke and Donuts EVER! And to your wonderful family!!!)



  1. thanks for posting about the food. My niece inquired about bringing you a meal, but I told her you were staying up there and was not sure if the hospital allowed food to be brought in. As soon as the website is posted, I will get the info to her so she can do that for you.
    Ive got one question for you. I am making pearl ornaments, people are buying them and Im donating 100% to you & Ryan. My question is, would you like an ornament as a keepsake for Mallory? it would be the same one Im making and selling.
    Im so happy for all of you with the bone scan results. Im trying not to tear up, but I tend to quite often when I read the blog, it hits so close to home for me. I pray you get more of the same results in the coming days. take care

  2. We would LOVE it!!!! That would be amazing. Thank you so much Clark Family for being one of our big rocks! You guys have been truly AMAZING to us! Your family is more than welcome up next week we would love to see you, Mallory would totally love some snuggle time with you guys!

  3. Ashley, you probably already know this but, better safe than sorry. Visitors are wonderful, but just make sure you tell everyone to please not come if they are sick with a cold or even think they might be coming down with something. And hand washing is essential before coming into her room. Her resistance is going to be down from all this, so everyone has to be very careful not to make her sick. Once she starts chemo, this will be very important. I'm sure most folks realize this, but it doesn't hurt to have that bottle of hand sanitizer in the room! Just trying to help, having been through all this with my son.