Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Friday

Today was a good day.

Today was a good day, even though we have a child with cancer. " A good day" means something different than it did last week.

Last week a "bad day" was when work didn't go so well, or if I had to go grocery shopping (I hate grocery shopping), or something else just as mundane.

Good day now means we didn't receive any terrible news. Our daughter didn't need life altering surgery, and generally things didn't torpedo into a nightmare scenario.

Rather, we actually received good news today; Mallory's bone scan test came back clean! This is an awesome thing! It means that the cancer didn't spread to the bones. So, she has still has cancer, but it isn't in her bones too.

The doctors do two different tests involving the bones. They did a radioactive dye test to see if the cancer was in the solid portion of the bones. That test is done, and that's the one that was clean. We still have to wait for the bone marrow test. This will test the internal tissue of the bone for cancer.

She still has many more tests to undergo. The marrow test is one, and the MIBG scan is another big one. If any of these scans come back irregular, we have issues. If not, we have a clear roadmap to success.

So that's what we have so far. We have clean bones. We'll be thankful for that. We're thankful for that because it's the best news we've had since Tuesday.

That is the moral of the day; be thankful for what you have. Ashley said it best on Facebook: Please, all you parents, go give your kids an extra hug tonight. Because you never know when life is going to hit you with something heavy.

Today was a good day.



  1. We're all here rooting for her.
    It's good to hear some good news!
    Stay confident!
    You have many people praying for your family.

    Bree (Kari's sister)

  2. U guys are the best...we love u and we r praying all the time!!!! Give mallory a big ole kiss from us!!!!

  3. Your outlook is remarkable! So great to see you and be able to support you with prayer and love. You guy give hope to all of us who have "normal" lives and think we know what a bad day is. Allow yourself to be real and experience this journey. Mallary is shaping all of our hearts to have a greater capacity to understand love and hope. What great lessons we can learn from little pure strong souls. Praying for you all!

  4. More prayers for you and your family