Friday, December 30, 2011

Look who's 2!


Happy Birthday to our daughter Jillian, you have been a light in our lives since the day you were born. We are so excited for this next year. You make us smile everyday :-) Can't believe how fast these 2 years have gone, it feels like just yesterday we were at Metro waiting for your arrival. You took your sweet time arriving (27 hours of labor) but you have somehow kept up that passive go with the flow attitude that we love so much. We love you Boogey!!

Mallory joined us in the celebration this morning, she has no teeth to eat cake with so she just looked stunning in a birthday hat :-) (Jillian wouldn't wear it anyways so I'm happy someone did!)

Mallory's 1st clinic apt after Chemo went well. Her numbers have dropped which is to be expected, luckily her hemoglobin is just slightly under normal so she did not need a blood transfusion. She is severely neutropenic meaning her body would not be able to fight off an illness so we have to be extra careful right now. So no birthday Bash for Mallory (but we were not planning on bringing her anyways). We have an apt next week Thursday as well and Chemo again January 12th. This time different chemo drugs so hopefully she will tolerate them the same as this time around.

All in all this family is doing GREAT!!

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