Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chemo Day #1

We haven't left yet for the hospital (we have to be there at 11). But Mallory and I devised a super secret plan and we thought we would share it with everything (so shhhh don't tell Cancer we're letting you in on it!)

My little punky got her first hair cut, bittersweet but I'm ready to get this whole cancer crap behind us. So today our little girl will be starting her first round of Chemo with a little less hair but a whole lot of spunk!

So this is my little peanut, she's got a BIG heart I can already tell. I would do anything for her, I wish I could trade places with her today but she's a fighter and she's going to do GREAT! So I am totally savoring every moment of her 1st year even though there are parts of it I wish I could erase but this is what is going to make her later in life. This fight is going to MAKE her a stronger person, we all could learn a lesson or two from Children that are Sick. That NOTHING stops then, they are resilient, When the world is falling apart around us they keep on moving along heads held high and smiles on there faces.

This is Mallory's scar from surgery, it stinks that she's so little and has to deal with this.
But It's Mallory's Story, It's who she is, It's what she WILL overcome!

I am OBSESSED with taking pictures with my girls, I am SOOOO in LOVE with them! So please all you Mommy's take time out of your day and snap a silly picture with your honey's they will appreciate it later in life!



  1. My prayers are certainly with sweet baby Mallory as she endures this incredible journey as well as for you, your husband, daughter and families. There is nothing more heartwrenching than to see your child in pain and struggle. Praying for our loving and gracious Father to wrap his hands around her and comfort you through this time of deep need.

  2. Your story inspires me everyday to love on my kids a little more. Keep it up!

  3. OK-this sucks, I am crying for her and you. But enough of that- she's kicking butt, and that's a fact. My baby (now 16) had pyloric stenosis when she was 5 weeks old. ( nothing dramatic, but she projectile vomited like the Exorcist for 3 weeks. She had surgery, and has a good belly scar, almost in the same place as Mall, but the other side of her belly. She's 16, beautiful and rocks a serious bikini from Victoria's Secrets. She loves her scar, Mall will like hers too! I read yesterdays post, I also had quite the case of PPD. Except instead of being sad....I had ANXIETY ATTACKS, and a lot of them. That was 16yrs ago, and no one recognized my problem, even my OB. (dumb ass) Marissa's operation took me over the edge. i hope you continue to do well- that other baby I told you about Guliana- is in remission!!!! Mall will be OK too! Chris

  4. Love the secret plan! Mallory is the Chuck Norris of cancer patients! Cancer doesn't stand a chance.