Sunday, July 15, 2012

we make mud, we make memories


These are a bunch of my crazy Nieces and Nephews from Ry's side. I LOVE them all so dearly. The love in this family is incredible, I am so proud to say that even though I've known them for 7 years that on August 25th I will be "OFFICIAL" part of the fam! These kids have so so much love, and seeing that there lives even were effected by Mal's situation breaks my heart but it makes me so grateful that they really are just full of so much love and each time I get to see them there is never a lack of that for sure.

 So Jake, Sydy, Kel, Ben & Will you are my Rock stars! Thanks for being so Amazing!!!


  1. I know this is totally OT and i'm sorry but what kind of camera do u have? It takes great pics!!

  2. It's a cannon xti (i've had it for about 6.5 years now) and I shoot with a 50mm lens. I <3 <3 <3 it!