Friday, July 27, 2012

Scan Time

Next order of business (besides the crazy crazy wedding planning) is Mal's scans.

August 7th is her ultrasound & MIBG injection then on the 8th is the big MIBG/CT scan.
This is her 1st scans since being deemed in remission, we are holding out a lot of hope considering her chatacolomine numbers have gone back to normal (after her little bump).

I'm a little nervous since she is a wee bit bigger and we still have to do the "no food or drink after 4:30 am" and she has to have an IV instead of being sedated through her broviac. She's a tough kiddo so I know she'll do fine and I pretty much don't get any bit stressed out with sedation anymore or blood draws. It's just a normal part of life for her and something that we have to do regardless of how much it sucks.

Just praying that she has clear scans again so we can just continue moving forward.

I am super excited in less than a month I will marry my best friend! and in less than 2 months our tiniest tiniest fighter will be 1. Seriously it's been a crazy hectic ride this year, so glad we've taken the reins and are ending it with some pretty big bangs!

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