Friday, June 22, 2012

And we've got LIFT OFF!

Miss Mallory has been such a ham lately, she seriously couldn't be anymore relaxed.
She cut 3 teeth in 2 weeks and did not make a single peep about any of them! (This is one PROUD Momma!)
She's been basking in the sun, she's even CRAWLING. AHHHHHH!!!!
Another HUGE milestone for this little girl, its amazing what a different kid I have after we finished chemo.

Life Couldn't be anymore Perfect for our family.
We continue the cancer check-ups next week Thursday with a routine blood draw and a urine catacholomine test. Last time we did this her levels were 19 / 13! Which are AMAZING! So we just pray that they've stayed that low. She will have scans in August again but for now this family is just enjoy a lot of normal life.

We feel very blessed, tomorrow we celebrate our babies 9 month birthday. She fought cancer for 6 of those 9 months, it just feels surreal at this point to look back on. She's our little tough nugget! She's even sporting some hair now (although the pictures make it hard to tell since its SOOOO light blonde, but she rocked her first teeny tiny mohawk in the bath the other night)

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  1. The girls and your family looks so happy! I'm so happy for Mallory. I have prayed and continue to do so. She's such an amazing person! Continued prayers and lots of happy smiles from Florida.